July 23, 2009

Blog commenting

Housekeeping note: This blog’s commenting system remains a work in progress. As you may have noticed, we’ve moved to a new CAPTCHA system, and valid comments now publish immediately after you submit them. I’m hoping that the latter, taken together with threaded commenting (still working on that one), will make it easier for people to talk back and forth without waiting on me.
If you encounter any problems posting comments, please let me know.
Update: Dammit, something is apparently busted, and if you’ve submitted a comment in the last ~24 hours (and don’t see it published), it hasn’t reached me. I’ve asked the admins for an update ASAP.
Okay, it seems things are working again, Please do let me know if you experience problems commenting.

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(rt) Illustration: Amazing light paintings & more

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Using DNG profiles: A video demo

Last summer I wrote,

When we look back at how things changed with the arrival of Lightroom 2, I think the new DNG Profile Editor (presently kind of a sleeper technology) will stand out as transformative.

I still believe that’s true, but I think photographers need an assist in learning how to make profiles practical. The inclusion of camera profiles in recent updates to Lightroom & Camera Raw greatly simplifies their use, and now Julieanne Kost has posted a 15-minute walkthrough showing their use & benefits:

(For higher-res viewing, I recommend clicking the full screen option above, or watching the video on the Adobe TV site.)

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