July 13, 2009

Illustrations: Creepshows

Posted by John Nack at 10:10 AM on July 13, 2009


  • Gregg — 11:34 AM on July 13, 2009

    The first “Puppet Show” was disturbing; good. The second was boring; less good. The rest look like photo shop action crimes.
    Interesting concept. I’d like to see it done well.

  • Rob Reiter — 5:52 PM on July 13, 2009

    One original idea…and a lot of boring copies. A real ho and hum.

  • Thomas — 4:23 AM on July 14, 2009

    umh! I know why i hate advertising since the dawn of time.
    Self-loving, arrogant and to-the-bone ruthless Creative D***s

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