July 04, 2009

Set the Controls for the Art of the Son

A little housekeeping note: I’ve been taking advantage of vacation + the wait for baby “El Segundo,” using the time to queue up lots of links & scheduling them to auto-publish. So, if

  1. you happen to see me publish big news in what looks like quick succession with the usual doses of ephemera, and/or
  2. it appears I’m blogging instead of caring for a newborn,

please don’t think it makes me a terrible dad! (I’ve got that latter part covered through things like indulging play with a rusty, severed car antenna. ;-))
Autopilot, engage,

Posted by John Nack at 9:35 AM on July 04, 2009


  • Paweł Tkaczyk — 1:38 PM on July 04, 2009

    Got the same idea. I am doing a podcast with my colleague and he’s got baby on the way, too. So we piled up a couple of episodes for the future…

  • imajes — 9:29 AM on July 05, 2009

    Best blog title yet! Most amusing.

  • Ellis Vener — 6:17 PM on July 05, 2009

    That is a terrible Pink Floyd pun.
    [I am a terrible Pink Floyd fan. –J.]

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