August 19, 2009

Camera Raw 5.5 now on Adobe Labs

Over on the Lightroom Journal, Tom Hogarty reports that the Camera Raw 5.5 and DNG Converter 5.5 Release Candidates are now available on Adobe Labs. He writes,

The release includes new camera support for the following models:

        •        Nikon D300s

        •        Nikon D3000

        •        Olympus E-P1

        •        Panasonic DMC-FZ35

Of course you’ll also be able to read raw files from the new Ricoh GR Digital III but because they’re DNG files you didn’t need to wait for this update.

This release also includes a correction to the demosaic algorithms for Bayer sensor cameras with unequal green response.

Please provide feedback on your experience with the Camera Raw 5.5 plug-in and the DNG Converter on the Camera Raw User to User forum.

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MythBusters on Adobe Bridge

Adam Savage digs Bridge CS4:

Bridge, which Savage calls “crazy useful,” helps him manage the tens of thousands of images on his Mac, both those he’s acquired from other sources to squirrel away for later reference and those he’s shot with his Canon 5D Mark II. He’s up to Adobe CS4 and wouldn’t give up Bridge without a serious fight. “I hated the first version of it, because it was choking up blood on my computer. With 40,000 photos, start asking something to look at them all, it starts dying. The functionality has improved so much since then.”

Cool! [Via Tom McRae]

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