September 06, 2009

Sunday Type: Big grass, free fonts, & more

  • Dig the crazy, viscous, dimensional lettering of Alex Trochut (under the “Works” link; yes, nav is annoying, but don’t let that stop you). [Via]
  • Grass-type gets big in Here Lies Street-Art by D.O.C.S.
  • Glyphs runneth over in this Typographic Sculpture from Richard J. Evans [Via Marc Pawliger]
  • Free fonts:
    • Mårten Nettelbladt heavy-duty MISO is handsome–and gratis. [Via]
    • Designfeed lists Quad & others. (Oh Quad, I have plans for you.)
Posted by John Nack at 12:31 PM on September 06, 2009


  • Laurent — 5:01 PM on September 06, 2009

    I thought one of the most interesting things about the Trochut link was about how his grandfather (who he never met) was an accomplished typographer, and inspired his passion.

  • Mike Skocko — 7:17 AM on September 07, 2009

    Designfeed seems to have “abducted” abduzeedo’s page (as well as others as I poked around). Is this their business model?! Just went back and read the tiny gray and gray fine print and it turns out that it is. Okay…
    I think I’ll make like Emily Litella and just say, “Never mind.”

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