October 09, 2009

Death, shooting, & other diversions


Despite essentially never taking vacations ever (heck, despite barely leaving throbbing San José*), I’m actually getting out of the house for once and am headed to Death Valley with my buddy/fellow PM Hughes**. Laden with heavy artillery (photographic & otherwise), we’re off to shoot Bodie, the racetrack playa, and other sites; four-wheel through the infamous Goler Wash; make stuff blow up real good; and generally consume mass quantities of meat, propane, beer, and road flares. Last time I caught some shrapnel in the lip; this time, who knows?

I’ve scheduled a few posts during my absence, and provided we’re not kidnapped by hillbilly cannibals/ex-hippies/black helicopters, I’ll be back next week. Provided we are kidnapped by hillbilly cannibals/ex-hippies/black helicopters, well, so long & thanks for all the pixels.

* The Hose/The Ho’

** Couldn’t get Hogarty from Lightroom this time as he’s busy pounding the app

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Adobe’s Photoshop.com iPhone app goes live

I’m pleased to see that Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone has gone live on the App Store (see screenshots).
[Update: Don’t be confused by the name: the app is useful for on-phone editing, not just uploading/sharing.]
According to the product page, with the app you can:

  • Transform your photos with essential edits like crop, rotate and flip.
  • Correct and play with color by adjusting the saturation and tint, enhancing the exposure and vibrancy, and converting images to black and white.
  • Use the Sketch tool to make photos look like drawings, and Soft Focus to give photos a subtle blur for artistic effect.
  • Apply dramatic changes with effects such as Warm Vintage, Vignette and Pop. Edits or changes can be undone or redone so you can experiment without the worry of losing your original photo.
  • Upload photos to Photoshop.com. The app provides the ultimate digital photo wallet, providing access to your entire Photoshop.com library. Photoshop.com offers 2GB of free online photo storage (equal to more than 1,500 photos).

The app is free. Happy shooting!

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Sneak peek: Illustrator + Flash + Dreamweaver -> CANVAS

Check out this demo of Illustrator handing vector art to Dreamweaver, and DW binding the artwork to data so that it can be displayed via the HTML5 CANVAS tag:

Mordy Golding summarizes the demo as follows:

[The engineer] starts by taking art drawn in Illustrator and copies it to the clipboard. Then he goes into Dreamweaver, selects a DIV and chooses a function called Smart Paste. Dreamweaver then pastes an FXG conversion of the Illustrator art directly into the page. If you aren’t familiar with FXG, it’s basically a better SVG* (you can get more information on the open source FXG spec here). In other words, you draw in Illustrator, copy and paste into Dreamweaver (which converts it to code), and the art displays as vector art in a web browser. What’s more, the engineer proceeded to actually bind XML data to the chart.

After that, the presenter copies an animation in Flash Professional as XML, then pastes it in DW as a CANVAS animation.

It’s kind of funny to see this demo now, as Illustrator could export XML vector graphics (SVG) to the Web some 10 years ago. Later people made various efforts to display & manipulate SVG using Flash. This new demo uses different tools & a different display engine to do similar things.

I think this is a key point: Adobe makes money selling tools, not distributing viewing software. Those tools must address customer needs. If Flash Player is the right choice for some projects & HTML/CANVAS for others, no problem: we get paid to help you solve problems, not to force one implementation vs. another.

* I have no idea whether FXG is “better” than SVG overall & don’t want to get into a debate on that subject. FXG is based on SVG but maps more closely to the Flash drawing model.

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