November 24, 2009

Would you miss “copy” being added to layers in PS?

We’ve heard a number of requests (e.g. here, here) for the ability to make Photoshop stop adding the word “copy” to layer names when duplicating layers. Out of curiosity, does anyone actually like this behavior? If not, it should be easy enough simply to stop adding “copy.” If some people really like the existing behavior, however, we’d do well to add a preference.
Therefore please speak up if you like the existing behavior. If you’d be happy with “copy” going away, great, but no need to speak up.

2:46 PM | Permalink | Comments [119] Mobile for Android now available worldwide

Nice to see this bit of news:

Adobe Mobile for Android, recently released on Nov. 6, 2009, is now available globally in all counties with Android Market. [It offers users] quick access to their photos with easy editing and sharing. The application features basic editing tools like crop and rotate, color adjustments and a Photo Browser. In addition, users have the ability to view their entire online collections of photos from and share photos from their phones via email. The application is initially available in English only.

Now, what about making the very popular iPhone version available everywhere? No news yet, but we know people are eager for it, so stay tuned.

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