November 23, 2009

Feedback, please: Graphic & Web design enhancements in Photoshop

I am, at heart, a Web designer, and I came to Adobe to improve the ways software could help design and build Web content. Therefore I’m keenly interested in advancing Photoshop’s graphic & Web design chops.

Below you’ll find some of the ideas that have bubbled up in discussions on this blog and elsewhere. The list isn’t exhaustive (I tried to keep the length reasonable), and it’s not a promise or a hint about what might be in development. Think of it as just a quick straw poll to gauge temperature.


  • Better vector drawing tools
  • Better control over strokes and fills, including dashed lines
  • Better Illustrator integration (e.g. make using Illustrator inside Photoshop as easy as double-clicking to edit a symbol in Flash or Illustrator)


  • Buttons with states (editable Up, Down, Over, etc.)
  • Intelligent widgets (e.g. buttons that resize smartly (a la 9-Slice); button bars that automatically scale/add buttons when resized; arrows with variable heads that orient themselves to path direction; etc.)
  • Ability to edit widget skins & to switch among skins (e.g. flip a button from Mac to Windows, or iPhone to Android)
  • Intelligent, skinnable charts (including ones with live data feeds)


  • Linked files (edit one document & have the change reflected in several documents that link to it)
  • Symbols (reusable objects that can be dragged in from a Library panel)
  • Type styles (edit a style definition in order to update multiple type layers at once)


  • High fidelity Web output (e.g. dashed lines that convert to CSS definitions)
  • Pixel-accurate Web rendering (i.e. text and objects that appear exactly as they would in a browser)
  • Better integration with Flash and Web authoring tools (e.g. components that translate with code & behaviors intact)

To help measure your interest, I’ve put these ideas into a quick survey. Please take a minute to let us know which ones are most interesting, and feel free to add comments via this post.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts,


[Update: I've posted some clarifications in response to comments below.]

Posted by John Nack at 8:15 AM on November 23, 2009
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