November 07, 2009

Illustrator + Map Data = Interactive Flash

Illustrator PM David Macy points out a couple examples of converting static graphics into dynamic and interactive experiences bound with data and published through Flash. He writes, “These were created using an Illustrator plugin called MAPublisher that can import GIS data and export interactive SWF.

Posted by John Nack at 7:42 AM on November 07, 2009


  • Susan Kuypers — 9:17 AM on November 07, 2009

    Hi Jack,
    Love the map. Does it refresh automatically when the statistics are updated?

  • Tiemen — 3:24 AM on November 10, 2009

    Via Illustrator.. interesting. Concerning visualizing data I’d like to process data in Processing, exporting a raw infographic as pdf and then finish it with Illustrator.
    For who doesn’t know Processing, check out (free) and, one of the originators of the Processing language, and a talented information designer.

  • Garvan Keeley — 1:32 PM on December 09, 2009

    Thanks for the mention John!
    Susan, those particular maps don’t do live data updates (from what I can tell), but it can be done. The MAPublisher site has some examples of this, such as: Live Weather Map. The timeline one is pretty cool too, if I may say so.

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