December 08, 2009

Expert tip on lighting a kid for holiday photos

  1. Wrap that little sucka* in Christmas tree lights.
  2. Start firing for effect.
  3. There is no step 3.

*He sees you, sucka.

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Psst… want some Uggs?

You know, I’ve heard that Ugg boots can let us warm and comfortable. So If you want to buy some gifts to you lovers or friends.I think is a right choose.
Ugh. Apparently spammers now know the answer to “2+2.” Unfortunately it seems that Movable Type’s* anti-spam features (at least as we’re using them) are completely ineffective. When I try to batch-delete these messages, the server times out with an error.
Anyway, if you’re subscribing to the blog’s comment feed, sorry about this.
*No need to tell me to use some other blog software, thanks; that’s not my call.

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Amazing iPhone video + CGI for a great cause

The team at The Mill have rigged up an iPhone in a novel way in service of City Harvest. First, check out the finished product:

Then see this brief making-of:

FreshDV has a bit more back story. Super cool. [Via Stu Maschwitz]

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