December 17, 2009

Camera Raw 5.6, Lightroom 2.6 now available

Camera Raw (Mac | Win) and Lightroom (Mac | Win) have been updated to versions 5.6 and 2.6, respectively. These releases add new camera support for the following models:

  • Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon PowerShot G11
  • Canon PowerShot S90
  • Leaf Aptus II 5
  • Mamiya DM22, DM28, DM33, DM56, M18, M22, M31
  • Nikon D3s
  • Olympus E-P2
  • Pentax K-x
  • Panasonic FZ38
  • Sigma DP1s
  • Sony A500
  • Sony A550
  • Sony A850
  • See the Lightroom Journal for additonal release notes. As always, you can use the free (and now updated) DNG Converter (Mac | Win) to make files from these cameras compatible with older versions of Photoshop & Lightroom, as well as other DNG-savvy software.
    [Update: Added the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV that I’d originally neglected to mention.]

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Inspector panels: Food for thought

In previous entries I’ve noted the need for a properties inspector/editor in Photoshop:

The richness that’s possible in a PSD file has totally outstripped the Layers panel’s ability to display & control it. […] Photoshop needs a properties inspector, a panel that lets you view & adjust the parameters of the selected object. […] Such a panel can supplant & control other dedicated panels, making it possible to display more info & yet fewer panels on screen.

New panels in CS4–Adjustments, Masks, and 3D–represent movement in this direction. It’ll take time to unify things more fully.
I mention this because I happened across UI designer Keith Lang’s inspector ideas & thought you might find them interesting:

Some of the details remind me of what’s been shown in Adobe’s interesting “Rome” application sneak peek (worth popping into full-screen mode):

Lots of good food for thought. Feedback is welcome as always.

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New Photoshop contest from Deke McClelland

Our friend Deke McClelland has been posting a series of videos counting down the Top 40 Features in Photoshop, and now he’s kicked off a related contest:

Create a magnificent piece of artwork that celebrates your favorite features of Photoshop. But you must do so using not fewer than three of the Top 40 Features I’ve posted so far. (Note that you’ll need to be a member of dekeOnline to participate so that you can post your artwork and include comments.)

DEADLINE: December 22, 2009, 5p.m. Pacific

Prizes include an Olympus E-620, a free premium subscription to, signed copies of all three CS4 One-on-One books, and more. Check out Deke’s site for more information.

Previously: Me on Deke’s Martini Hour podcast.

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