December 19, 2009

PS Elements voted Photography Gadget of the Decade

Viewers of Channel 5’s Gadget Show have voted Photoshop Elements Photography Gadget of the Decade. On behalf of the Elements team, wow, and thanks, everyone! Evidently I can’t watch the video from within the US, but I’m told that Elements gets mentioned about 5 minutes into it. [Via Emma Wilkinson]

Posted by John Nack at 12:46 PM on December 19, 2009


  • Jon — 4:41 PM on December 19, 2009

    As much as I’m happy for PS Elements, a contest where Windows Movie Maker is nominated can not be taken seriously!

  • EMComments — 4:54 AM on December 20, 2009

    @Jon It wasn’t a “contest’ it was a poll of viewer opinions. You know, real people expressing their own opinions and somebody counting the votes!

  • anonycow — 3:06 PM on December 20, 2009

    real people who watch this show – this is about the worst kind of statistical methodology; is Adobe really that desperate for having excuses to say Me, Me, Me! that they have to go for that.
    [I’m not sure what you’re saying. Independent of any efforts by Adobe, people voted in favor of Elements, and that makes us losers? –J.]

  • anonycow — 11:40 AM on December 27, 2009

    Nope, it doesn’t make you losers, it means that you’re tooting your horn for the equivalent of winning the 5th grade spelling bee.
    [Listen, at the end of the day, a bunch of people gave Elements props, and I thought it was only courteous to say thanks. Done & done. –J.]

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