January 22, 2010

(rt) Illustration: “Crayola’s Law,” Photoshop, & the Beatles


  • CUTUP-MX showcases the unintentional art of cut-up Mexican billboards (apparently mashed up by billboard owners during lulls between paying advertisers).
  • Penney Design imagines recent movie posters as Atari 2600 cartridges. (Tangentially related: I was mentioning Panic’s awesome homage to Atari art to Adobe’s Russell Brown, and he mentioned that he’d worked at Atari in 1984. “I created in store displays to attract young 14 year olds into buying PacMan and Centipede games,” he says. You owe me some quarters, Cochese…)
  • Jonny Wan creates funky gun illustrations & more.
  • Infographics:

    [Update: Speaking of Atari, welcome the newborn & excellently named Leo Atari Pitaru, son of the very talented Amit Pitaru.]

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