January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

I wish you could see the moon as it appears overhead here at this moment. I’ve never seen anything like it. Pictures (mine, anyway) can’t begin to capture its vivid beauty, and I laid a long while on the driveway gazing up. And then, being the suburban dad I am, I rose & towed in the trash cans. I’m feeling very blessed.
I wish you great peace, happiness, and success in “oh-Ten” (as I’m sure to stumble and call it more than once). Thanks for reading.

Posted by John Nack at 12:42 AM on January 01, 2010


  • Nik Player — 1:42 AM on January 01, 2010

    The moon was incredible here in New Zealand this evening also. It was huge as it came up on the horizon.

  • Cris DeRaud — 4:46 AM on January 01, 2010

    You saw the “Blue Moon” John. It came on News Years and was magnificent.

  • Martin Winter — 6:14 AM on January 01, 2010

    I photographed this phenomenon here in Germany a few days back as well. It is called the 22° halo:
    [Very cool; thanks, Martin. –J.]

  • Klaus Nordby — 7:08 AM on January 01, 2010

    Just press “Enhance,” John!
    Happy New Year, and thanks for all your blogging efforts so far — so don’t stop now!

  • Russ Morris — 8:09 AM on January 01, 2010

    I missed it last night… oh, well. Maybe there’ll be a chunk of it left tonight.
    Thanks for your posts, John. I’m a semi-regular follower – lurking mostly – here for the CS info and linky inspiration. I found you through Kelly Castro.

  • Russell Brown — 10:56 AM on January 01, 2010

    John, I must admit that I was out last night and attempting to capture the moon in HDR. I’m such a photo geek.
    It was really quite nice.
    Russell Brown
    [Sounds cool, Russell. I was wishing I had a tripod. I was further hamstrung by my pitiable fear of using full manual settings: even underexposing by two stops, the moon was entirely blown out, and I never got further. –J.]

  • Terri Stone — 10:57 AM on January 01, 2010

    It was amazing on my side of the hill, too. And aren’t we lucky that we live where we can enjoy the moon outdoors on 12/31 without freezing?
    [Indeed, though it’s all relative, and in CA one reserves the right to shiver at 50F! –J.]

  • Cris DeRaud — 4:53 AM on January 02, 2010

    NASA posted an incredible photo of the New Years moon for their Jan 2 Astronomy Picture of the Day. It includes a partial eclipse.

  • online film izle — 5:22 AM on January 02, 2010

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  • ZioRiP — 12:11 PM on January 02, 2010

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  • James Darknell — 6:35 PM on January 02, 2010

    I too tried to get that beautiful full moon on new years. I live in San Jose as well, and it was so amazing to see, i dragged the whole family outside. I did various exposures, and to get it to hold ‘detail’ in the moon, the rest of the sky was completely black, such a shame, its even harder than trying to photograph the sun. Would’ve made a nice HDRI but I didn’t have the patience with a house full of guests.

  • Phil Brown — 7:00 PM on January 02, 2010

    Happy New Year to you and yours, John :-)
    The moon can be tough – there are some simple guides but usually it’s more difficult!
    Have a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead, mate.

  • TM Surratt — 7:37 PM on January 02, 2010

    John, you are one of the few people I faithfully read and follow for the simple reason you are so interesting and your links are very entertaining.
    Thank you for the time and effort you put into your presentation. So that also means I need to thank Adobe for keeping you going. You guys are the best.

  • Diederik — 11:17 AM on January 04, 2010

    Happy new year!
    All the best best for you in 2010.
    Kind regards,
    Snel geld lenen

  • a Martin — 3:26 AM on January 05, 2010

    Moon looked great in Sweden too.
    So did Mars which was quite close to it. :)
    Happy new everyone!

  • Trevor Morris — 5:58 AM on January 06, 2010

    Happy New Year, John!

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