February 17, 2010

Wired demo running on AIR, Android, & GPU

A comment on my previous post said that Flash running on a mobile device would be a slow, battery-killing CPU hog. Here’s a little counter perspective from people who actually know what they’re talking about–namely, the guys at NVIDIA:

The demo itself starts roughly halfway through. Graphics are smooth, and the AIR application leverages the GPU for fast, efficient video playback.

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Adobe, Wired, tablets, & the future of magazines

Adobe and Wired have teamed up to demonstrate a richly interactive tablet-based prototype form of the magazine. It features embedded 360° object viewers, support for video and audio content, and the ability to rotate the page using the tablet’s accelerometer. Check out the demo:

So, what tablets will this support? In short, lots.
I believe the demo video was done via Adobe AIR running on a Windows 7 tablet. Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone conversion technology will allow publishing to the Apple iPad. And at the Mobile World Congress this week, Adobe announced AIR on Android & has shown the Wired prototype running on Android-based tablet devices powered by NVIDIA Tegra chips. In short, Adobe is working–as it always has–to help people publish across platforms.
What will be the real-world impact? Macworld editor Jason Snell has posted some skeptical tweets, comparing the demo to CD-ROM and VRML visions of yore. He makes good points about the cost of developing rich content, but I can tell you I’m excited about some of the tools Adobe has in the pipeline–stuff that’ll make interactive production easier & more efficient. Stay tuned.

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