February 18, 2010

Photoshop 20th anniversary podcast, more

  • Bryan O’Neil Hughes & I got our drink on with Deke McClelland & Colleen Wheeler, foolishly recording the results for a special Martini Hour 20th Anniversary Podcast.
  • PhotoshopNews features a gallery of historic Photoshop splash screens, including various once-secret beta screens.
  • Check out the Photoshop app icon over time. I still remember how much I liked the 3.0 icon when it arrived, and how disappointed I was when 4.0 dropped back to black and red. (In fact, replacing it may be how I learned to copy/paste icons on the Mac.) To date, no single post on this blog has generated even as many comments as the CS3 icons.


Posted by John Nack at 11:05 AM on February 18, 2010


  • Ben Hansen — 11:48 AM on February 18, 2010

    you guys should screen in the old logos into the background on the cs5 icons that would rule!
    what’s the deal can i get into the anniversary party tonight or what? i’ve been a ps user since the first icon.

  • Andrew Moreton — 12:53 PM on February 18, 2010

    I find seeing all those icons weirdly moving….
    [Like, physically moving? ‘Cause that would indeed be weird. :-) –J.]

  • Brian MacDougall — 1:05 PM on February 18, 2010

    How about putting up the PS icon from BEFORE Adobe acquired it? I seem to remember it was a very crude Photohut, and the file icon was a 35mm film roll.

  • Colleen — 1:07 PM on February 18, 2010

    And to think the feather contingent made such a stink when the periodic table icon took over. What about the eyeball people.
    Thanks for stopping by the dekeLounge. Don’t worry, we edited out all the embarrassing stuff so you would sound as brilliant and provocative as usual.

  • Andrew Moreton — 1:22 PM on February 18, 2010

    Just some nostalgia thing, John, don’t worry… First time I saw Photoshop I was helping out on famous punk fanzine Maximum Rock’n’Roll. Tim Yohannan editor to the zine asked me if I thought he should buy Photoshop and I said I thought it was a very good idea. I remember sitting in his little studio of SE30’s, putting together some ropey montage and thinking – this is the best thing I’ve ever seen!
    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Yohannan) of Maximum Rock’n’Roll (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximumrocknroll)

  • Chris — 6:26 AM on February 19, 2010

    It should have never changed from some form of The Eye.

  • Eddy — 9:18 AM on February 19, 2010

    Regarding the eye icon, whose eye is it anyway? It’d be a great bit of trivia to know whose eye we locked in with all those years.

  • Huw Jones — 10:29 AM on February 19, 2010

    Bring back the eye… and please please please can we have Botticelli’s Venus back for Illustrator CS5

  • Henk Dawson — 7:51 AM on February 20, 2010

    I love this list of icons. I’ve used every version of photoshop. In fact I used it when version one was still in beta. It was used as a plugin for a slide scanner – Barney Scan XP. Here’s what I’m doing with photoshop now…

  • Chris — 6:30 AM on February 22, 2010

    Man I miss the old Photoshop eye. I have been using PS since version 3.
    Version 7’s icon looked like a genuine upgrade.
    CS1/CS2 were pleasant, though they didn’t instantly say Photoshop. They looked more like a blogging tool icon.
    CS3/CS4 don’t even get me started on that disaster.

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