March 18, 2010

If you’re still on CS1 and want to upgrade, now’s a good time

If you own a product from the first generation of the Creative Suite (e.g. Photoshop CS, released in 2003) and want to be able to upgrade it to a more recent version, now’s a good time to pull the trigger.
I’m not hinting about the possible timing of future releases. I am noting, however, that Adobe introduced a “three versions back” policy a couple of years ago. That means that you can upgrade from CS, CS2, or CS3 to the current version (CS4). When the current version goes up by one, so will the cutoff for upgrades. Therefore if you’re holding onto a copy of CS and may want to upgrade it at some point, well, you shouldn’t wait too long.

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Video: Why do we climb?

Photographer Alexandre Buisse is a triple threat, making me feel soft, lazy, and photographically underachieving. He brings his lens to some pretty amazing locales, as you can see here (full-screen viewing recommended):

For a less frenetic presentation, check out his site.

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