March 04, 2010

Video: OKGO’s amazing Rube Goldberg contraption

Check out Wired’s story on the making of the video, including behind-the-scenes videos with the crew.

Posted by John Nack at 9:39 AM on March 04, 2010


  • Melih KANAT — 10:29 AM on March 04, 2010

    Well designed and funny.. I like it.

  • Ben Hansen — 10:39 AM on March 04, 2010

    that is TOO friggin’ awesome! i thought the mythbusters were cool when they did this same idea but this one takes it to whole ‘nother level thanks again for all the cool links!

  • Murrey Walker — 9:24 AM on March 05, 2010

    Visual/Audio ice cream for the eyes and ears.
    Love it!

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