April 01, 2010

Tech note regarding CS3 apps crashing on 10.6.3

Adobe has posted a tech note covering a recently discovered issue, “Adobe CS3 applications crash at launch on Mac OS 10.6.3 if system serial number is greater than 12 characters.” The document lists various workarounds. Meanwhile Adobe is working with Apple to understand the issue and determine a course of action to resolve it.

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(rt) Photographic Extremes: Giant panos, putrid water, & more


  • Wow–check out this 26-gigapixel Parisian panorama. See the project blog for perspective from the photographer, notes on the stitching process, and more. [Via]
  • Axel Mellinger has constructed a giant 648-megapixel panorama of the Milky Way.
  • Hard core photography: Wildlife photographer Greg du Toit spent 270 hours submerged in a putrid African watering hole for this. [Via Winston Hendrickson]
  • A Human Liberty Bell? Ridonkulous.
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