April 12, 2010

Great video customer testimonial for CS5

I just saw the following unsolicited comment from filmmaker Linda Nelson & thought it deserved its own post:

If you are editing a film shot with the RED camera, you’d be crazy to use anything other than CS5. Straight from the camera to the timeline – no rendering required to preview – incredibly fast load and export. We are beta testing with our feature film, DELIVERED. Shot on RED. Here’s the trailer. Great job Adobe!

As BSN notes, “[C]ontent creators can now work with not just 4K files in real time, but with 4K files in much greater liberty than they ever were while confined in CPU-bound applications such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere CS4 or in Sony Vegas.” Macworld says, “The Mercury Playback Engine is 64-bit native and optimized for Mac OS X, multicore processors, and nVidia CUDA GPUs (graphics processing units) to provide fluid, real-time editing.”
So, Lightroom led the way among 64-bit Mac apps (beating Aperture to 64-bit by nearly two years), and Adobe has now converted three major Mac apps–After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop–from Carbon to Cocoa 64. Meanwhile Final Cut Pro 64 and the rest of the FCP suite remain missing in action. Maybe–just maybe–we can now put that “lazy” talk to rest.

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Video: Russell Brown’s Top 5 New Photoshop CS5 Features

Dig it:

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CS5 is Alive!

I couldn’t be happier in saying that Photoshop CS5 has been announced, along with the entire Creative Suite 5 family of products!

Check out what’s new in Photoshop (images & quick videos) as well as the 3D functionality added to Photoshop Extended. I’m especially happy to say that Photoshop is now a fully native 64-bit application for both Mac and Windows (as are After Effects and Premiere Pro), letting you tap into all your computer’s memory.

Man, where to begin… I already have two dozen blog posts in draft form (!), running the gamut from big new stuff to the many, many little tweaks we’ve made that I think you’ll really enjoy. I’ve started a CS5 category here that you can use to view all related info quickly; much more to come shortly.

In no particular order, here are good resources you might want to check out:

I’ll keep adding good ones as they appear (suggestions most welcome via comments or email).

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