April 17, 2010

Scott Kelby on what CS5 offers photogs, more

Scott Kelby has posted a couple of good Photoshop CS5 FAQs on his blog. Handy sample:

Q. As a photographer what is the most compelling reason to consider an upgrade from CS4 to CS5?

A. That’s a tough one, because it will be different for different photographers. I think a lot of folks will naturally want it to create HDR images, but I think the built-in masking features (using Refine Edge) is even more compelling for most photographers. Content-Aware Fill is big (and it works amazingly well), but then the Noise Reduction in Camera Raw is just insane, so it’s a tough call to make. Luckily, any one of those is worth the upgrade alone, so if you get all four, this is an easy decision for a lot of photographers.

He’s also got a funny (and useful) take on upgrade questions.

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