April 27, 2010

Photoshop.com iPhone app adds Twitter, Facebook uploads

The free Photoshop.com Mobile for iPhone app has gotten some new features:

With the new update, users can now take photo creations and upload them to popular social networking sites. In just one step, photos can be sent directly to Facebook along with a news feed update. Twitter users can also easily share photos directly via TwitPic and post an accompanying tweet.

To date the app has been downloaded more than 7 million times.

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Yes, Lightroom 3 & ACR will feature lens correction

Ah, we were trying to save this little bit to be “One more thing…” when the apps ship, but we can’t wait to share it: Both Lightroom 3 and Camera Raw 6 (part of CS5) will offer automatic lens correction. PM Tom Hogarty writes,

The easiest application of lens correction is to apply the lens profile technology that encompasses geometric distortion (barrel and pincushion distortion), chromatic aberration and lens vignetting characteristics.

A handful of lens profiles will be provided by default and a Lens Profile Creator Utility will be posted on Adobe Labs allowing photographers to create their own lens profiles using a simple procedure.

Check it out:

With the introduction of killer new noise reduction, demosaicing algorithms, and sharpening plus sophisticated lens correction, the Lightroom/Camera Raw duo put even more distance between themselves and the competition, and I’d expect them to keep mopping the floor with Aperture among pro photographers.

[Update: I neglected to mention one detail: Lens correction in Camera Raw requires a free update that’ll be available soon after CS5 starts shipping.]

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Info on the fonts that ship with CS5

If you’ve ever wondered about prosaic but potentially important questions like

  • What fonts are installed by the basic font set
  • What additional fonts will be installed by the supplemental set
  • What font set(s) each product will install
  • What font set(s) each product will include on the product DVD

then check out this post from Nicole Minoza in Adobe’s Type group.

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