April 29, 2010

CS5 is shipping!

Oh yes! And now for a little a little self-deprecating fun* (“Unicorn into a meteor sho-weer!”):

You can download and/or buy CS5 apps here. (Here’s the link for Photoshop specifically.) Let us know what you think!
*Oddly enough, I really did go crazy-bearded-ant-talker while fasting on Outward Bound years ago–but that’s a whole other story.

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Panic’s new Transmit 4 rocks

Hats off to the guys at Panic on releasing the great new Transmit 4! Transmit has been my workhorse FTP app for years, and I’ve been beta testing the new release for several months. (I find it refreshing to help debug someone else’s app for a change!) I think you’ll love the big & small improvements, including the ability to mount servers as disks (enabling things like editing files directly using Photoshop).
As it happens, earlier this year our UI designer Matthew Bice and I went to Portland to spend a day with Cabel, Neven, and their team. (As you’d imagine, Photoshop and Illustrator get a workout in their design and production work.) As John Gruber notes, “their office is like a movie set of a cool software office.” Maybe now that Transmit 4 has been released, they’ll have time to show some of the recent awesomeness they’ve added. Just two quick tastes: They’ve got a Lego version of the famous Panic truck, and they’ve created custom pixel-art bathroom signage. Too bad I can’t find my picture of the burger-with-glazed-donut-as-bun+milkshake lunch with which they tried to explode my heart.
Anyway, congrats on the great release, guys!

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Podcast: Hughes & I talk CS5

Bryan & I sat down with Deke and Colleen for another well lubed installment of Martini (half) Hour (listen in regular or high quality). Among the content we discussed:

64-bit: Not much more to say. Better, stronger, and in this case, faster. It’s Bionic Photoshop. OK, John has a little more to say. And it’s a cool look into what is really involved in creating a new version of something as mature and labyrinthian as Photoshop.

PS–Hughes actually is a witch; good fun at team parties.

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