April 30, 2010

New Watermark Panel for Photoshop CS5

Adding a previously unannounced goodie into the CS5 mix, Russell Brown has created a new Watermark Panel for use in Photoshop. He writes,

Need to watermark a photo? You got it! Need to watermark 100 of them? No sweat. The all new Adobe Watermark panel takes all the hassle out of watermarking and let’s you get back to work (or doing the other things you like to do) a lot faster.

Here’s a quick tour:

A longer, more detailed video is available on Russell’s site. Here’s the panel installer itself.

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Configurator 2 for CS5 is coming soon

Custom panels made with Configurator 1.0 for Photoshop CS4 need to be updated via the forthcoming Configurator 2.0 before they can run in Photoshop CS5. I’m pleased to say that we’re wrapping up work on the (very cool) new version, but it’s not quite ready to share yet. If you’ve jumped on CS5 and can’t wait to et your custom panel(s) back, drop me a line (jnack at adobe) and I’ll get you squared away.

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