April 29, 2010

CS5 is shipping!

Oh yes! And now for a little a little self-deprecating fun* (“Unicorn into a meteor sho-weer!”):

You can download and/or buy CS5 apps here. (Here’s the link for Photoshop specifically.) Let us know what you think!
*Oddly enough, I really did go crazy-bearded-ant-talker while fasting on Outward Bound years ago–but that’s a whole other story.

Posted by John Nack at 9:06 PM on April 29, 2010


  • Scott Valentine — 9:38 PM on April 29, 2010

    Congrats to the entire team, John! The servers are gonna be hit hard getting those trials ;)

  • Alex — 9:45 PM on April 29, 2010

    On the site it says now “TRY”, but I still get the same form to submit my mail adress for notification. Can’t download. : (
    [Sorry, please give it a few minutes. I’m told that the content is replicating. –J.]

  • JACK LARSON — 9:46 PM on April 29, 2010

    My Order History says, “Download,” but when I click on the download with icon, I am told that I have no downloads.

  • Phil Brown — 9:48 PM on April 29, 2010

    “Don’t go there…”
    Very fun – congrats to the whole team and all the other teams, too :-)

  • J-Man — 9:58 PM on April 29, 2010

    Great job Team Adobe! Now to spec out a new rig to install CS5 on! (Hands wringing…)

  • Matthew Keefe — 9:59 PM on April 29, 2010

    Congrats to you and the whole Adobe family. CS5 is such an amazing step forward with lots of great features and much needed stability improvements.
    I am equally honored to have been a part of so many aspects (no specifics) of CS5.

  • Matthew Brown — 10:35 PM on April 29, 2010

    To anyone with problems finding your pre-ordered downloads, I recommend clearing all adobe.com cookies and signing in again. Worked or me.
    Downloading now…

  • Stephanie Maulding — 10:43 PM on April 29, 2010

    YAY! Quick question to toss out to all my fellow Photoshop fanatics: Anyone know if you can use the update version of PS CS5 (the standalone) if you have a qualifying earlier version as part of a suite package? (Specifically wanting to go from CS3 Design Premium to just Photoshop.)

  • Glyn Dewis — 11:15 PM on April 29, 2010

    Absolutely superb!!!
    Had to put my mug of tea down for fear of dropping it and doing myself a mischief :)

  • Rob — 11:16 PM on April 29, 2010

    Hooray, I’m the first on my block. John, I’ve put my old Configurator panel into the CS5\Presets\Panels folder, but it doesn’t appear in the Window/Extensions menu. Does Configurator work with CS5? What am I doing wrong?
    And thanks for all the hard work of you and your team.

  • Matt Dial — 11:22 PM on April 29, 2010

    Hey John,
    Just noticed a couple things right off the bat..
    1 – The Camera RAW that ships with PS5 is without the lens corrector built-in. I know it was mentioned that you would need to update to get that new version of the plugin.. That plugin is not found as there are no updates when I ran the updater.
    2 – Using the lens corrector inside PS5, the database seems empty of a lot of gear I use, which is professional level Canon gear. I was going to look to see how to get an update online and the website that it links to inside the plugin goes to:
    And it is a page not found.
    Other than that, I’m kickin’ the tires! First impression was: Man — this sucker loads quick now!

  • PECourtejoie — 11:36 PM on April 29, 2010

    Yes! Congrats to the whole team for this stunning release!
    Rob, CS5 uses configurator 2, new panels will be needed, see: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2010/04/using_a_dialog_box_to_edit_a_curves_adjustment_layer.html
    Matt, patience is a virtue! I do not think it was stated that all those apps would be available on day0, hour0…
    Stephanie, normally, yes, but you won’t be able to upgrade the suite in the future. Contact customer service.

  • Trilo Byte — 11:47 PM on April 29, 2010

    Excellent. Sadly, it looks like my order on Adobe.com got botched. Bought a full version boxed suite and specified Fedex Express, but my order shows an ETA of May 6. Hopefully the fedex guy surprises me :-) Regardless of my order issues, congrats to you and the whole team!

  • Travis — 11:50 PM on April 29, 2010

    A big congrats on the release! And a big thanks for what seems to be a very streamlined installation process, after the horrors of past versions. Nice to be able to keep all my browsers open, and not see about 4 different apps running.

  • therealgeeves — 4:47 AM on April 30, 2010

    I checked the specs, no mention of case-sensitive disk format.
    Is CS5 now working on case-sensitive drive format?

  • therealgeeves — 5:24 AM on April 30, 2010

    Oh dear, case-sensitive drives still not supported. What gives?

  • nilkiimas — 5:35 AM on April 30, 2010

    hey John.
    Tried the PS CS5 tryout version. It’s amazing so far.
    But I can’t seem to enable openGL features, which i was previously able to.
    Thats a bit sad. Why can’t I? I mean, I understand, that certain features will need a better card, but I should be able to use the opengl features I previously was able to!
    thanks in advance!

  • Niklas — 6:02 AM on April 30, 2010

    The awesome! Congratulations once again!
    You should have given him the certificate on a flash memory stick (har har) just to spite some Apple fanbois. ;)

  • nilkiimas — 6:04 AM on April 30, 2010

    additional: I am on OS X 10.6.3
    With an iMac 2.16 ghz and a Radeon X1600. And I want to atleast continue using opengl for resizing rotating images as I was able to in CS4 but also use the new features like the HUD color picker.

  • Ken — 7:37 AM on April 30, 2010

    In the NYT today, applegate about adobe,
    My best to Adobe and you
    Ken in KY

  • Allen Cobb — 9:13 AM on April 30, 2010

    Downloaded PSX-CS5 while waiting for physical discs, but the install (from Akamai) is flawed — if you specify a common folder for CS5 apps, it repeatedly extracts the install assets, forever. Seems to require a folder named Photoshop, which the installer for Illustrator created for itself.

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 10:55 AM on April 30, 2010

    @Matt, ACR 6.1 isn’t available yet. I don’t have the exact date, but check John’s blog. He’ll announce when it’s ready.
    [Should be just a couple of weeks. –J.]

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 10:57 AM on April 30, 2010

    @nilkiimas – what card do you have? I know the supported card list contracted a little on the lower end.

  • Christopher Anderton — 12:26 PM on April 30, 2010

    Wow! On my iMac 24″ 2.8 Ghz Core2Extreme Photoshop starts very very quick. Restarting just takes 3 seconds. That is amazing!

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 2:14 PM on April 30, 2010

    @Christopher – thanks for the feedback. We tried to optimize launch and other performance aspects as much as possible. From my experience it’s especially fast on Snow Leopard.

  • Stephen Best — 4:02 PM on April 30, 2010

    Just downloaded it. The first thing I tried is zooming with Open GL enabled … it’s still broken (case no 180541677).

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 4:05 PM on April 30, 2010

    How so?

  • Stephen Best — 4:34 PM on April 30, 2010

    Open an image with a lot of fine detail. Duplicate it. For the first set the zoom ratio to 25.1%. For the second, use Image Size to resample it using Bilinear to 25.1% and set it’s zoom ratio to 100%. Compare the two. (Note that 25.1% isn’t the only ratio that results in such discrepancies … the zooming display is uneven throughout the range.) Why is this important? If you’re using the display to judge resolution, sharpening etc you need consistent results. The workaround is to just turn Open GL off and do it the old way … at least it’s consistent.
    I documented this problem back in November 2008 (along with a number of others which I’ve yet to evaluate). Adobe support acknowledged it as “an issue with the software”. There are numerous reports of this problem on the web.

  • nilkiimas — 6:08 PM on April 30, 2010

    As I said, a Radeon X1600.
    My problem is: I understand if certain features require better graphic power, but I don’t accept that I can’t use the features I previously was able to use.

  • Henrik — 1:58 AM on May 01, 2010

    Great to get a hands-on! Sad though that one of the most exciting features – lens correction automatically or manually – is not yet included. Eagerly waiting to replace ACR 6.0 with 6.1, hopefuly within trial.

  • Henrik — 1:59 AM on May 01, 2010

    Great to get a hands-on! Sad though that one of the most exciting features – lens correction automatically or manually in raw – is not yet included. Eagerly waiting to replace ACR 6.0 with 6.1, hopefully within trial :)

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 6:37 AM on May 01, 2010

    Stephen, I’ll take a look with our GPU guys.

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 6:52 AM on May 01, 2010

    Here’s a list of supported cards for CS5: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/831/cpsid_83117.html
    I think they’re using new API that affect all features new and old. Let me follow up with some folks.

  • Jerry Harris — 9:57 AM on May 01, 2010

    The 1000 series should work. The comments made in the support page simply reflect that this card is “end of lifed” by both AMD, and Apple (They do not seem anxious to fix any bugs with it). We are unaware of anything that would stop it from working (three qe’s verified this friday from what I understand).

  • Jerry Harris — 10:11 AM on May 01, 2010

    I have yet to look at your test files, but can point to somethings that explain what you may be seeing.
    When you have to reduce an image for display you have a tradeoff to make between aliasing (what is sometimes interpreted incorrectly as sharpness), and blurriness (letting all the pixels represented by a given pixel have a voice in the outcome).
    Non-gl drawing Point samples from the largest “box” filtered cache level (power of two pyramid level). It drops features for the sake of speed (point smapling is the cheapest way to decimate or reduce many pixels to one) While this might at times appear to be sharp it is actually just lossy, dropping entire pixels.
    GL drawing also snaps to a cache level but at times can snap to the next smaller one (when within 35% of it) since it uses bilinear sampling of the pyramid level it snaps to. We did add some logic that uses point sampling to the nearest pyramid level if it is deemed close enough (such that it causes less than a one pixel error). So you might see it be “sharp” then go soft as you move away from the power of two levels (i.e. 12.5, 25, 50%). Note too that the zoom values shown in the UI are truncated floating point numbers showing only a fixed number of fractional values.
    In the future when we can assume better gpus that can handle bicubic or sinc filters without slowing down redraw, we will offer more choices.
    In the end, there is no substitute for viewing your image at 100% or greater. No technique is best for every use case.
    BTW, the case you site where you reduce the image to 25.1 using bilinear with resize image drops pixels, as bilinear does not scale to take into account larger neighborhoods than 2×2 contributing to the result. Hope that makes sense.
    I will look at your example when I get back from a trip to visit with my family (first in 3 months).

  • Dan Tong — 1:31 PM on May 01, 2010

    Please disregard my question about “AllowOldGPUS” registry fix utility for CS5. I solved the problem already and posted the detailed registry steps in Dpreview here:
    Dan Tong

  • JF — 3:51 PM on May 01, 2010

    Anybody else having trouble running CS5 on a Mac with File Vault turned on?

  • Stephen Best — 5:38 PM on May 01, 2010

    I presumed it had something to do with the image pyramid, but the fact remains that it doesn’t work too well and isn’t to be relied upon …. despite claims here and elsewhere that the feature offers optimum viewing at ANY resolution. Add to the fact that Open GL limits the number of open images, picks up the wrong monitor profile with Gamut Warning (at least with CS4, I haven’t tested this with CS5) and is actually slower than using the CPU for some functions it makes you wonder why Adobe bothered with it in the first place. I get the impression that most serious Photoshop users just disable it.
    It would appear that the test file I linked is private. It can also be downloaded here:
    Play around with a number of zoom ratios close to each other to see what happens.

  • Michael Steinbach — 6:53 PM on May 01, 2010

    I would love to have had a jump start with a Photoshop trial download as I waited for my order to arrive but all of the download links default to photoshop extended and I really don’t want to waste my time installing then uninstalling programs! What is this issue?

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 7:36 PM on May 01, 2010

    Extended and Standard version are the same. The serial number you buy controls the feature set. So no need to uninstall/reinstall.

  • Stephen Best — 8:39 PM on May 01, 2010

    Interestingly, Photoshop CS5 is now showing correct colours across all three of my attached monitors, something CS4 couldn’t manage. I just assumed this was a Mac OS 10.6.3 bug. The colours are still wrong with Bridge CS5 on my third monitor though.

  • Jerry harris — 8:50 PM on May 01, 2010

    Cs5 works fine across multiple monitors and I put in many a weekend to get gl beyond it’s cs4 offerings, including getting it to work with the frontmost window all the time (with cs4 you did have to plan out your gl window usage) there are some cases where it is faster and others where it is slightly slower. As you point out, we allow you to turn it off.

  • Stephen Best — 8:56 PM on May 01, 2010

    How do you turn off the Extended features? I have Design Premium in a box on order but no use for the Extended features. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 9:13 PM on May 01, 2010

    You’d need a standard serial. No other way to do it other than using menu customization and workspaces.

  • Michael Steinbach — 7:05 AM on May 02, 2010

    Then someone needs to explain that to tech support, because not only did she not understand that fact (or comunicate it properly) but had a hard time understanding anything I said!

  • Michael Steinbach — 7:06 AM on May 02, 2010

    Then someone needs to explain that to tech support, because not only did she not understand that fact (or communicate it properly) but had a hard time understanding anything I said!

  • Joey — 8:47 AM on May 02, 2010

    I’m devastated!
    I’ve been waiting for so long to update to cs5 and that frustrating cs4 bug is still present.
    What I mean is the inability to unfold the menu when the mouse is at the screen edge. I HAVE to move it down a bit to click the menu buttons.
    In Cs2 when you work in fullscreen mode plus menu bar, you can open menus with mouse cursor at the top edge.
    Why do you tamper with the interface just to change something?
    From screenshots found on the web I assume it is only Windows issue.. On Mac the menu bar looks stuck to the top edge of the screen.
    Anyway, it makes my work HELL HARDER now! Thanks! I’m really p.. off

  • Thomas — 9:47 AM on May 02, 2010

    I’m frustrated with the flavours PS and PS Extended.
    [What do you mean? –J.]

  • Joey — 2:47 PM on May 02, 2010

    John, can you have a look at the screenshots? It is REALLY frustrating..

  • Joey — 3:20 PM on May 03, 2010

    To clarify:
    In previous PS versions the menu used to be clickable at the edge in FULL SCREEN PLUS MENU BAR mode.
    I’m running a discussion on the topic also on:

  • Matt — 3:55 PM on May 03, 2010

    Does anyone know if I upgrade from CS4 Design Standard, to CS5 Production if I can still use Indesign CS4 and Acrobat 9?
    I.e. Do a custom install of CS4 with just those 2 apps that aren’t incl. in Production and then do a full install of CS5 Production Premium over the top?
    Thanks in advance :-)

  • Joey — 4:29 PM on May 03, 2010

    I guess you can, but probably that’s against the licence.
    When I upgraded Flash MX to Cs3 I could still use both, however with no need for the former.

  • Ellie — 8:18 PM on May 03, 2010

    I downloaded the trial from the adobe yesterday to test out photoshop CS5 and some other products in the master suite.
    But i was shocked! i have been using Photoshop since the first version and with every new release it worked great. It was always a dream to work with the newer version.
    But this time has CS5 been released to soon? Export images from bridge is not working.
    [Sorry about the Export panel failure. We’ll have it fixed soon. –J.]
    Switching from workspace is not always working. And the brush tool, i wanted to do some masking and the brush tool did not work at all!. i could select it, i could click the mask, get a the color but i could not paint!! What happened with testing?. These bugs are pretty big.
    Every release you can have some bugs but these are for me not acceptable.
    I am going to continue working with photoshop until the trail is over but switching to photohop CS5 is not an option for me yet. For me it is to unstable and unreliable.

  • Thomas — 1:51 PM on May 04, 2010

    I don’t know which version i should purchase.
    I’ts really frustrating having two versions with different features.
    Why you are taking such business decisions rather than suiting only – an just one and only – photoshop app?
    [Meanwhile we get kicked around for not offering *enough* options (e.g. Photoshop for Photographers, Photoshop for Web Design, etc.). Everybody must get stoned… –J.]

  • Thomas — 6:14 AM on May 05, 2010

    Hey, cmon John.
    It was not my intention to kick your butt because of that fact.
    I was hoping you understand what i mean.
    Photgraphers, Mographs, Web Designers … what?
    If anyone won’t use the exteded tools, o.k., hide the menu and go.
    Really, i’m wondering how this is not frustrating for Adobe (for me it is) having so many different Software Flavours which in general have the same purpose.
    PS extended now is important for 3D work because 3D in After Effects did not made it into the release. At least we were expecting 3D Text in Ae.
    So our company is discussing the CS5 upgrades since weeks because momentary every penny counts only down to purchase PS extended or not because the price is higher per seat for PS Ext.
    I’d really like to see Photoshop shipping as one single app because it makes sense to the user, but … probably not for Adobe Business Plans.

  • Matt — 9:08 PM on May 07, 2010

    In regard to my question above about upgrading to different edition of Creative Suite (in case this comes up on search for someone).
    Yes, you can within the terms of the EULA. From the CS5 EULA:
    “5. Updates.
    If the Software is an upgrade or update to a previous version of Adobe software, you must possess a valid
    license to such previous version in order to use such upgrade or update. After you install such update or
    upgrade, you may continue to use any such previous version in accordance with its end-user license
    agreement only if (a) the upgrade or update and all previous versions are installed on the same Computer,
    (b) the previous versions or copies thereof are not transferred to another party or device unless all copies of
    the update or upgrade are also transferred to such party or device, and (c) you acknowledge that any
    obligation Adobe may have to support the previous version(s) may end upon the availability of the upgrade
    or update. No other use of the previous version(s) is permitted after installation of an update or upgrade.
    Upgrades and updates may be licensed to you by Adobe with additional or different terms.”

  • Junior — 3:19 PM on June 08, 2010

    Hi. You may get this alot or i am the 1st one.
    I downloaded the trial cs5 version and it is working properly, my only problem is i cant change objects and or images to 3d. A pop up window keeps coming up and in the menu, all the options are grey and i cant click on them.
    I cant seem to fix it please help.

  • Jan Petersen — 4:48 AM on June 17, 2010

    dng and CR2 files display as icons in CS5
    Sorry if this is a wrong place to ask this question!
    I recognize this was a problem in CS4, but I have never encountered that.
    Now I have installed CS5 on three machines – a new installation on WIN7, and here everything is alright – no problem!
    Two machines running XP wth a previous CS4 installation uninstalled show up in Bridge with this problem:
    dng and CR2 files display as icons!!
    Everything is updated, ACR plugin placed as should be, and Camera RAW is working fine when OPENING the file. It is only a display problem, but this is serious enough – you cannot go through your downloaded pictures.
    I have tried to follow a solution close to the one given for CS4:
    but I am out of luck.
    Is it an XP problem, or has it something to do with the previous installation of CS4?
    Any suggestions will be great!
    Thanks, Jan

  • DarrenV — 11:15 AM on June 30, 2010

    I had a timeline from CS2 that I openened in CS5 and it is completely unstable, premiere crashes constantly. I can’t render, preview, build a file or DVD without Premiere crashing. It has been a very frustrating experience, I was so excited to upgrade but now the timeline seems it’s corrupt and I’m about to lose months of work. So far CS5 has been dreadful, and this is with a brand new 6-core AMD, 8 gig of ram, Win7 purchased specifically for CS5. Adobe’s canned support answers haven’t helped. :(

    [I’m sorry to hear all this. Let me see what I can find out. –J.]

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