May 18, 2010

(rt) Photography: Lightroom layouts, photographic history, & more

Posted by John Nack at 6:57 AM on May 18, 2010


  • Ken Toney — 6:21 AM on May 18, 2010

    John, I posted a photo I found of me and my first camera (a Brownie) from 1966 when I was 11. Click to my blog link on my name. Great posts, I love your blog!

  • John.B — 7:32 AM on May 18, 2010

    I still have the A-1 that I used for my college photography courses. I believe it was the first SLR to have an automatic “Program” mode; a professor threatened to flunk me if he ever caught me “cheating” by using it. LOL!

  • Michael P. — 7:39 AM on May 18, 2010

    Speaking of Lightroom 3, can you tell me if there is a bundle discount for upgrading Photoshop and Lightroom simultaneously? I know there’s a discount for upgrading Photoshop and purchasing Lightroom, but I already have both programs and I’m likely to upgrade them simultaneously if there’s an additional discount for doing so…

  • Logan Miller — 8:19 AM on May 18, 2010

    +1 to the AE-1’s
    I still have my AE-1 Program which was my first real camera as well…way, waaaay back in 1999. ;0)
    I too am a fan of your blog, John, especially the posts like today’s. Have a great day!

  • Luis Garcia — 11:47 AM on May 18, 2010

    About the Canon hack, it would be great to have this digital backs for more cameras, like old Minoltas or Nikons, they are great cameras, their only crime is that they shoot film only. :)
    I still have my Minolta x-700 from the 80’s

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