May 04, 2010

Video: Creating 3D text in Photoshop CS5

Russell Brown, take it away:

Posted by John Nack at 7:18 AM on May 04, 2010


  • Mauricio Gonzalez — 8:52 AM on May 04, 2010

    Amazing. time to Re-learn how to use photoshop. Good for the brain :D

  • MartinDoersch — 10:38 AM on May 04, 2010

    Great 3D possibilities.
    One question: why don’t use a real 3D package – like blender? Why is photoshop going in this direction?
    But as I said: I kind of like it. (I just need extended)

  • Scott Valentine — 10:54 AM on May 04, 2010

    Martin – I don’t think PS is trying to compete with other packages so much as enable 3D work flow within PS. There are a few niches that CS5 Ext covers, including designers who don’t want to get an external package but still have access to 3D for graphic work.
    I’m using 3D a lot for photographic compositing, now, and having the tools right there makes it easy to fine-tune textures, angles, lighting, perspective, etc. Using Blender, you’d be stuck with exporting a render, and if it weren’t just right, you’d have to go back and try again.
    With sites like 3DVia and Turbosquid, you have access to tons of models that are ready for texture and placement without any modeling. I really like StrataCX for its round-trip capabilities when I need to adjust a model at the mesh level.
    So, PS isn’t trying to become a modeling application so much as a tool for using models in a composite work flow. And it’s doing a wonderful job!

  • MartinDoersch — 11:42 AM on May 04, 2010

    I see I see

  • josh — 11:33 AM on May 14, 2010

    I have been giving this a try on 20mb images and the font rendering is terrible. It forces me to rasterize my font and then i get very jaggy edges of the fonts. Humm… is this only meant for screen presentation?

  • Scott Valentine — 8:30 AM on May 19, 2010

    Hi Josh,
    20M should be no problem if you have the hardware for it. Repoussé always rasterizes type or selections, and I have seen some artifacts from this (especially with filled marquee/pixel selections). However it should be creating a vector path from type if memory serves.
    The jagged edges you see – does it happen when you first open the dialog, or when you try to render? You have to let the RT renderer run to completion for the best quality. Also, be sure to check the Mesh Quality settings in the Repoussé dialog… once you have the position and extrusion, select ‘Best’ from the drop down before choosing OK.
    Do you have a screenshot of the problem you see? If so, and if you want more help, head over to and post a new thread.

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