June 04, 2010

CS5 enterprise deployment tool now available

The Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition offers a customizable way to wrap Creative Suite applications as MSI or PKG for silent deployment via industry standard tools. It’s now available for download.

If this kind of thing is up your alley, see also the Adobe installer team’s blog. The CS5 installers continue to make good progress in raising customer satisfaction while driving down support calls, and the installer team welcomes your feedback.

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Pixel Bender comes to CS5, adds Oil Paint filter

I’m pleased to announce that the Pixel Bender Gallery plug-in for Photoshop CS5 is now available for download from Adobe Labs. Key points:

  • It runs filters really, really fast on your graphics card (GPU)
  • The plug-in is not one filter, but rather a harness into which you can drop Pixel Bender files (.PBK and .PBG)
  • Pixel Bender also runs cross-platform in After Effects & Flash Player 10
  • The filters people write for Flash will also work in Photoshop

In addition, the plug-in now includes a very cool Oil Paint filter that produces some painterly results (see this pair of screenshots), nicely complementing all the painting enhancements in Photoshop CS5.

The plug-in is essentially the same as the version that was available for CS4, but it has been revised for CS5 & 64-bit Mac compatibility. Here’s a one-minute demo movie that shows the plug-in in action. You can download additional filters from the Pixel Bender Exchange, discuss PB authoring in the user forum, and use the Pixel Bender Toolkit to create your own filters.

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