June 11, 2010

Video performance hotness in CS5

The 64-bit-native CS5 video apps are faster than ever. I just saw this blurb in email:

  • On average, 130 different benchmark tests are more than twice as fast in Premiere Pro CS5 than in CS4.
  • Working with XDCAM footage in CS5 with a CUDA-accelerated card is more than six times faster than CS4. In software-only mode, it’s still about 33% faster.
  • Compared to CS4, working with R3D footage takes about two thirds of the time in software-only mode–and about half the time with a CUDA card.
  • Simple rotoscoping tasks take one tenth the time they required in CS4, and the time savings for complex, real-world projects are likely to be even more significant.

I’ll try to point to more details when I see them posted publicly.

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Of Lightroom, iPads, and muffins

When asking customers about possible Adobe tablet apps, I’m reminded of the experience of trying to get our toddler to count bites of dinner en route to a chocolate muffin:

Mom: “Okay, what number comes before six?”

Finn: “Muffin!”

Mom: “Five…then what’s next? Not three but…”

Finn: “Muffin!”

It’s like this:

Me: “So, we’re thinking of building app X…

Everyone: “Lightroom!”

Me: “Yes, cool, we hear you. But back to X…”

Everyone: “Lightroom!”

Me: “Right, I know, but…”

Everyone: “Lightroom!”

I find this kind of charming and encouraging. Building a great iPad app for mobile photo review, editing, and sharing is (presently) tougher than one might think, but customer desire is very clear. (Feedback about non-LR/photography workflow apps is welcome, too.)

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