June 19, 2010

Crafty maps

  • Bing Maps offers some really cool looking napkin-sketch-style map renderings. (Unfortunately, even after downloading a Silverlight update and restarting my browser, I still can’t get it to work.)
  • Heh: “Fears of Dust Bowl Déjà Vu Spur Oklahoma Expansion.” Michael Crawford makes (mostly) witty map art for the New Yorker. (Deep linking is being flaky, so click through for the Oklahoma bit.) [Via]
  • Locals vs. Tourists shows where people take photos in various cities around the world. [Via]
Posted by John Nack at 7:25 AM on June 19, 2010


  • J. Peterson — 12:13 AM on June 20, 2010

    For another spiffy map trick, fire up Google Maps and head on over to Venice, Italy.
    I guess the Google Street View dudes aren’t doing gondolas yet, so they’ve co-opted the massive database of on-line tourist photos of the place. Click ‘n drag the orange guy in the top left of the map for a tour…

  • imajes — 5:35 PM on June 20, 2010

    Not to raise the debate re the CS suite icon redesign yet again, but here’s an article on the Periodic Table, which was inspired by there now being a Periodic Table app .
    So may of interest on several grounds.

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