June 04, 2010

CS5 enterprise deployment tool now available

The Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition offers a customizable way to wrap Creative Suite applications as MSI or PKG for silent deployment via industry standard tools. It’s now available for download.

If this kind of thing is up your alley, see also the Adobe installer team’s blog. The CS5 installers continue to make good progress in raising customer satisfaction while driving down support calls, and the installer team welcomes your feedback.

Posted by John Nack at 4:29 PM on June 04, 2010


  • Adil Lotia — 6:40 PM on June 04, 2010

    My experience is just with personal product installs, rather than an enterprise-wide deployment, so I cannot on this tool., but…
    I want to put in a positive word for the new installers (and the team). The old installers were so bad that it was an ordeal to install/upgrade. The ones in CS5 are heads and shoulders above the previous attempts. Kudos to the installer team!

  • Kai — 2:40 PM on June 05, 2010

    Note that the Mac version is still a Preview – whilst it works very well in most cases, it doesn’t work when there is no user logged into the machine (for instance, if you’re deploying it with Apple Remote Desktop, while the machine is sitting at the login window).
    The AAMEE team are aware of this issue and will be releasing an update to the tool soon.

  • Ron Bishop — 8:20 AM on June 07, 2010

    Thank you!

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