June 17, 2010

Flash Player & Photoshop.com app updated for Android

  • Flash Player 10.1 Public Beta 3 for Android is now live on Google’s Android Market for Nexus One phones running Android 2.2. Flash Player was already the #1 free download on the Android store, and people seem to be digging the new release (“Awesome.” “Epic.” “Live soccer on my phone = win.”).
  • An Adobe installer–the Flash Player installer at that–has actually drawn praise from irascible Mac IT guy John C. Welch. (I will now check for the sun becoming as black as sackcloth, etc.)
  • Unrelated to Flash, a new release of the Photoshop.com Mobile app for Android is available. The new release adds support for uploading to Facebook and Twitter via TwitPic, along with one-touch borders (soft edges, vignettes, rounded corners) and more.
Posted by John Nack at 8:40 PM on June 17, 2010


  • Bill — 10:25 PM on June 17, 2010

    Now if we could just get a decent installer for Windows. Not one that requires you to get a “helpful” download manager. Not one that requires you to hunt down and un-check a McAfee Slow Your Computer Plus check mark. Not one that saves the file to some unknown place and auto-runs it.
    Other than that, fantastic job!
    And, I’m not seeing the Photoshop.com Mobile update on my Droid…
    P.S. Does Adobe really get enough revenue from pushing the McAfee stuff to really affect their bottom line?

  • Nammy Nar — 5:28 AM on June 18, 2010

    Sorry but I use iPhone and I don’t want flash.

  • RattyUK — 5:46 AM on June 18, 2010

    “-the Flash Player installer at that–has actually drawn praise from irascible Mac IT guy John C. Welch.”
    Is this the John C. Welch who said: “If you download Flash, you get the ‘normal’ installer, which has all the silly chrome and the even sillier insistence that you quit browsers, etc. That kind of thing is really annoying, because it makes pushing the update out quite the pain in the keister.”
    Why are you wrapping the Apple installer in something else?

  • TomasF — 3:44 PM on June 18, 2010

    Good for you, what made you think that was of interest to those of us reading through that post? I use Android, and I DO want Flash, and the updated Photoshop Mobile. Possibly because I can, or maybe because noone have told me that I shouldn’t want Flash.
    [People really, really want membership in something bigger than themselves. Defending Apple’s decisions gives validation for individuals’ own choices. –J.]

  • Nezumi — 11:29 PM on June 18, 2010

    Even if you wanted to – you cant have it. Freedom of choice redesigned by Apple for you. Way to go, lol.

  • Martin — 9:04 PM on June 19, 2010

    nice, I wish I could have Flash in my iPhone…. :(

  • Gregory Wostrel — 7:46 AM on June 23, 2010

    Well, that’s pretty faint praise. Seriously, needing to right-click Show Package Contents, then go looking for the installer .pkg is hardly do something right. For the vast majority of Users who will install the update, that sort of think is just not going to work. I would give praise to the Flash team if the Mac update installer was the .pkg in the first place and we could dispense with the pain in the butt custom installer that makes you quit browsers and stuff and the geeky work-arounds.

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