June 12, 2010

Interesting device: AirStash wireless flash drive

Hmm–this seems kind of promising: the AirStash lets you plug-in SD memory cards, then broadcast their content to wireless devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones, etc.). Here’s a demo:

Photographers I meet really, really like the idea of shooting freely & having their images immediately, painlessly displayed on a tablet–effectively turning the tablet into an extension of the camera. I haven’t yet seen an example of this working, but I have an Eye-Fi card on order and am motivated to experiment. It’s apparently possible to use an iPhone as an iPad camera, but not having a 3GS, I can’t try that approach.
The AirStash doesn’t offer camera-to-tablet syncing, but it seems like the next best thing, and it might enable more flexible import than Apple’s Camera Connection Kit presently enables. With 16GB memory cards going for as little as a hilariously low $30, it’s easy to imagine taking a card or two on vacation, leaving all photos on it, backing them up to a tablet, and performing reviewing/culling/adjusting/sharing on the tablet.
Unfortunately the AirStash is sold out at the moment, so I haven’t gotten to try it. If anyone has kicked the tires on this or related devices, I’m curious to hear your feedback. [Via Simon Chen]

Posted by John Nack at 2:48 PM on June 12, 2010


  • A. McCormick — 7:02 PM on June 12, 2010

    that’s pretty sweet. I’ve been begging for a portable harddrive for my WinMo phone that i can use for mp3s or such when traveling. This would be great to be able to pop in a 16gig sd card and access all the mp3s.

  • Micah — 9:34 PM on June 12, 2010

    Instead, tether an Android device directly to the camera, then have a sweet Flash app for human interface to the camera/digital assets and to the cloud, so that you can download them and look at them on your iPhone.

  • Rich — 4:36 AM on June 13, 2010

    What a load of crap. Since you need to physically insert the memory card into the airstash, you could as well insert your card into a cardreader and immediately have your pics on your laptop.
    If you could shoot tethered (wireless) and have a big preview of what you shot on a tablet, MAYBE it would make some sense.

  • Petrus — 10:47 AM on June 13, 2010

    Hmmm.. this is cool gadget to accompany the iphone.
    Maybe i will buy it if it has bee restocked

  • Michael — 11:14 AM on June 13, 2010

    Disappointing that it’s just for SD. This looks like a very interesting solution. Tethering or some kind of live preview to iPad would be great In the studio and on location.

  • gh — 3:09 PM on June 13, 2010

    Seems like the beginning of wireless portable storage. Much welcomed concept. I’m a bit suprised apple has not rejected this idea of wireless transfer, as I have noticed other wireless transfer proposals stomped.
    I am assuming there is an app involved, or is it simply a url that is bookmarked? How is the device powered?

  • A. McCormick — 7:26 PM on June 13, 2010

    gh, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery (not sure if replaceable, although i would assume so). It’s recharged through a USB cord. From what i can tell, you access it through an IP address like you do a router.

  • Larry — 5:39 AM on June 16, 2011

    Will the airstash work with my crappy hauwei m860 andriod phone? If not, what flash does work? Thanks.

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