June 07, 2010

Lightroom 3 has arrived!

I’m delighted to say that after more than 600,000 downloads of the public beta, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 has arrived. The download is ready to grab, and Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost has posted 10 new videos to take you through feature and workflow improvements, big and small.

Per Product Manager Tom Hogarty, here’s a quick list of what we’ve changed since the last public beta:

  • Profile-based lens correction that addresses:
    • Geometric lens distortion(i.e., barrel or pincushion)
    • Chromatic aberration
    • Vignette effects
  • Manual geometric lens correction
  • Horizontal and vertical perspective correction
  • Improved Web templates for updated color and design options
  • Additional Print templates to utilize the new creative layout options
  • New develop presets for creative B&W and Color adjustments
  • Focal length filtering available in the metadata filter
  • Updated SDK with publish collection functionality and access to collection and keyword metadata
  • Improved interactive responsiveness
  • Ability to upgrade Lightroom 1, Lightroom 2 catalogs as well as Lightroom 3 beta or Lightroom 3 beta 2 catalogs
    • Images edited in Lightroom 3 beta or Lightroom 3 beta 2 will migrate to Lightroom 3.0 with little or no visual adjustments. Minor sharpening adjustments may appear.
  • Ability to migrate Photoshop Elements 6, 7 or 8 catalogs to Lightroom 3
  • Updated print resolution limits of 720ppi for local printing and 1200ppi for printing to a JPEG file.

Thanks for all the great prerelease feedback, and happy shooting!

Posted by John Nack at 10:56 PM on June 07, 2010


  • Aaron Spence — 11:24 PM on June 07, 2010

    Haven’t tried the beta of 3, too busy working in LR2. There is one feature I want that I’m sure I’ll never get though…
    Absolute values for ‘Recovery’ and ‘Fill Light’.
    At the moment they’re fully auto and make up their own adjustment regardless of the numbers dialed in. So a bunch of images shot at the same place, using the same settings can be rendered with totally different exposures by LR. Kinda like using an automatic compact camera. I want a manual camera :)
    Thanks for the update.

  • Gareth — 11:30 PM on June 07, 2010

    Just tried to download this before America came online and got a file name that started LTRM2 – which doesn’t look like LR3, looks like the old fiename I downloaded 18 months ago!
    Perhaps I jumped the gun??

  • JACK LARSON — 11:31 PM on June 07, 2010

    Got an email from Adobe over 2 hrs. ago thanking me for my order and telling me to go to My Account and download it. However, the website still says that it’s pending? Not a happy camper.

  • Marcus — 1:51 AM on June 08, 2010

    download brings only LR2 and not LR3 :(

  • Jan Erik — 2:40 AM on June 08, 2010

    “Edit in Photoshop” is not working(Greyed out). Photoshop CS5 Extended is installed on win7 64. Is there anything I can do to make LR find Photoshop?

  • Peter — 3:59 AM on June 08, 2010

    This is a wonderful release in general, especially with respect to the enhancements in image quality and speed and workflow improvements.
    I am, however, a bit disappointed with the integration of the IPTC Extension metadata. It is neither integrated into the filtering options, nor with the metadata sprayer. I can’t even make a smart collection for all the images of a particular person (unless I am missing something obvious). Plus there is no way to import the (admittedly non-standard) values from the very popular iView Media Pro into those fields.
    Bridge CS5 is even worse. When I played with the tryout version, it refused to even display the IPTC Extension fields in the metadata panel, whether I activated them or not. The only way to even get to the fields was via the “File Info” dialog box.
    I’d be delighted if Adobe could put some more effort into improving the DAM portion of Lightroom for the next release to bring it at least on par with what used to be iView. I understand the focus for this release was on image quality and processing enhancements, and the results are amazing, so I’d love to see what the same team can do with respect to DAM.
    Anyway, congratulations to the Lightroom team for an otherwise spectacular new release!

  • Zack Jones — 5:02 AM on June 08, 2010

    Great news! I’m downloading the update right now. I have enjoyed using the beta and hope this is something Adobe will continue doing with future releases. Sign me up for any and all programs you guys release in beta for the iPad. I would LOVE to have Lightroom for the iPad.

  • Stuart Turgis — 5:32 AM on June 08, 2010

    Just before I dive in and buy upgrades for LR3 and CS 5 is there any plans please for a combi upgrade at a different price ? Cheers

  • imajez — 5:34 AM on June 08, 2010

    Recovery and Fill have been much improved in LR3.
    Not sure if it addresses what you ask, but I found the tools much improved.

  • imajez — 5:56 AM on June 08, 2010

    Have you enabled the view you require in Bridge Preferences?
    Not all possible options are displayed with default settings.

  • cas — 6:59 AM on June 08, 2010

    I read someplace on the Adobe forums that there were issues with keywords / nested keywords / duplicate keywords in the beta. Has this been resolved in the RTM?

  • Ed Fladung — 7:22 AM on June 08, 2010

    out me down for a copy. woo hoo!

  • JohnS — 7:57 AM on June 08, 2010

    How long before the Beta version shuts down

  • Peter — 8:10 AM on June 08, 2010

    I did, the setting had no effect whatsoever. “Hide Empty Fields” was off, too. Restarting the application or the OS didn’t help either. That wasn’t on my own computer, though, who knows what else was going on in the background. OS X version was 10.5.8 if I remember correctly.

  • Albo — 8:41 AM on June 08, 2010

    Any idea when 3.0 will be available to download? All links seem to be for 2.0.
    I even bought the upgrade and still no download link or registration number, and that was about an hour ago.

  • Henrik — 9:35 AM on June 08, 2010

    Jumping from LR3 to PS CS5 fully works on my PC (Win 7, 64).

  • Anthony D'Atri — 9:49 AM on June 08, 2010

    In the past I read rumors that AF point display (in my case, for Canon 5D2) would make it into LR3, but I didn’t see that in the announcement. Is it there?

  • Ben M — 10:02 AM on June 08, 2010

    It’s good to see this finally out of the beta stages, a little later then I would have liked. Only thing I wish is that the 30% discount was extended to users who purchased CS5 before the LR3 release.

  • gh — 11:19 AM on June 08, 2010

    upgrade to PS CS5 and get 30% discount on Lightroom via AdobeStore

  • laaa — 11:42 AM on June 08, 2010

    your to stupid try crayon!!

  • morten — 11:59 AM on June 08, 2010

    Mac versions export of IPCT keywords with multibyte characters is still garbled, like in all previous versions of Lightroom. Keywording is then not very useful in Scandinavia, for example, where we use lots of äöæøåÆØÅ.
    I like the lens corrections very much, but it’s more important for me to be able to find my images by keyword.
    Aperture does it right, it would be nice to have the option of using Lightroom sometimes

  • Stuart Turgis — 1:54 PM on June 08, 2010

    Ignore me, I thought the 30% discount applied only for full versions. Discount applied to LR upgrade in Adobe Store. I’m now £250 poorer :-)

  • Thomas — 2:00 PM on June 08, 2010

    Great Core Engine over all – Respect to the engineering team.
    Major disappointment about the differences inbetween LR for PC and Mac.
    [What differences? –J.]
    Plus 75% of the “easy to solve” troubles from LR 3 Beta have not been fixed. Most of all regarding to UI interaction and toolset.
    Makes me think, makes no sense to waste time with feedback and feature request you guys asking for.
    in the end you guys always do what YOU think it’s best.
    This applies for any Adobe Software.
    i’m tired and over it.
    This is your company and your software, I’m not getting paid making it better, I pay for your software.
    Frustration grows accordingly to the fact that there is barely (barely i’m saying) an alternative.
    Life is a bitch.
    Good luck for your revenue forecast.

  • Jeffrey Johnson — 3:09 PM on June 08, 2010

    Just purchased downloaded and installed LR 3. One big problem! They can’t provide a serial number for it for another 24 hours. Lame for sure! Is there limited functionality if I run it in Demo mode until the serial number arrives?

  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 3:19 PM on June 08, 2010

    The demo is exactly the same in terms of functionality. It’s not limited in any way.

  • Jeffrey Johnson — 3:20 PM on June 08, 2010

    Too bad I bought PS CS5 upgrade two weeks ago. No discount now. :(

  • A Lindeman — 6:56 PM on June 08, 2010

    I also did not recieve a serial number. The online help said they can’t help me. I’ve been on the phone for 30+ minutes. Great 1st impression!!! :(

  • Arnel Garcia — 9:17 PM on June 08, 2010

    Great update. Howerver, when will other/older camera models be included for the tethered shooting? I believe there are many photographers who owns newer models but still have older camera models as back-up. Plus, those who own older model cameras.

  • Andrew Wedlake — 10:26 PM on June 08, 2010

    An very strong and solid release. Thanks!
    I’m still queazy from witnessing the “Loop Tool” in iPhoto Pro (aka Aperture 3) to zoom into images for edits. :-)

  • Jens — 1:55 AM on June 09, 2010

    i thought this annoying behavior with the sidebars was fixed?
    i mean that you accidently can click on the space beside the scrollbar and then sidepanels are hidden when all you want is to scroll up or down.
    in one video about the beta i heard that you have to click near the triangle in LR3 to hide the sidebars but that is not the case.
    sorry for my english.

  • JOE M — 2:31 AM on June 09, 2010

    Can I get $99 for the upgrade from LR2 (tria, without serial) to LR3

  • lool — 3:01 AM on June 09, 2010

    shut up moron….

  • Julian Parker — 4:57 AM on June 09, 2010

    Credit should go to Adobe for fairer pricing this time around at least for LR. Using the current £:$ exchange rate there is only a few £’s difference (on the upgrade pricing), which you can hardly quibble with, so thanks Adobe for being more even handed this time. The 30% discount on LR for a joint LR/Photoshop CS5 upgrade is additionally welcome. Shame there is still a a bit of a differential on Photoshop CS5 upgrade (approx £50 or $99)

  • Kai Howells — 5:04 AM on June 09, 2010

    Is there going to be any love (or even a little helping hand) with us Aperture users who don’t like the thought of starting all over again – a tool to import even the folder structure from Aperture into Lightroom would be absolutely wonderful, and if any metadata at all (such as keywords) made the cut, I’d be over the moon. Adjustments would be the icing on the cake, but I realise how insanely difficult this would be to get 100% and if it wasn’t 100% it’d be better not being done at all…

  • nege — 6:15 AM on June 09, 2010

    stop crying little girl.

  • John Slemp — 1:27 PM on June 09, 2010

    The one glaring omission that I see in Lightroom and Photoshop is the inability to integrate a copyright registration workflow easily into the overall scheme of things.
    I’d love to see a preference selection where one can have small jpeg’s automatically created of ones files, so that at the end of each calendar quarter one can easily register the images, electronically, with the © office.
    Adobe is very keen to protect their intellectual property, but are still lagging behind when it comes to helping their users (creators) do the same. Will it ever change?
    Only with a push from us…
    [I’m with you, John. I’ve had calls with the Copyright Office to discuss ideas, but thus far we haven’t been able to turn the corner. –J.]

    • bill weaver — 4:12 PM on August 09, 2010

      John N/John S – i was just thinking this should be (almost *must be*) a feature of Lightroom. (Photoshop, meh, maybe.) But LR exporting to Copyright registration is arguably more important than flickr.

      “Publish Unpublished Collection to Copyright.gov” Wow.

      Though, where i work we deal with US Gov APIs, so i understand how difficult and frustrating it might be.

  • Wing Wong — 3:21 PM on June 09, 2010

    Glad to see it make it out of beta. Just downloaded and installed LR3. Got a couple thousand images I’ve got to work on, so seems like a good way to test it out. :)

  • Wing Wong — 3:24 PM on June 09, 2010

    Same here. Upgraded to CS5extended too early, I guess. :/

  • Phil Brown — 3:36 PM on June 09, 2010

    Surely you could setup some sort of Print to File option for this? Or, perhaps more likely, a LR plugin? They already exist for things like Flickr and Zenfolio (thank you Jeffrey Friedl – http://regex.info/blog/ ).
    Built in support would be fantastic, but the ability to create the required files as you process the incoming ones already exists.

  • Curt — 3:55 AM on June 10, 2010

    i thought this annoying behavior with the sidebars was fixed?
    i mean that you accidently can click on the space beside the scrollbar and then sidepanels are hidden when all you want is to scroll up or down.
    in one video about the beta i heard that you have to click near the triangle in LR3 to hide the sidebars but that is not the case.

    YES THAT SUX!!!!

  • Jenny — 7:43 AM on June 11, 2010

    As SJ actually pointed out to someone complaining about the ipad prices in England, the problem does not lie with the company but with the taxes imposed by the government. I imagine that the same is true for Adobe. They wan to make x amont on the sale and then VAT gets added to that.

  • Fotografo — 8:07 PM on June 20, 2010

    I have two wedding site ( http://www.fotografo-matrimonio.biz/ and http://www.wedding-photographer.it/ ) and I would liketo have in the Pubblish module a gallery not based upon flash player for mobile device like IPhone. I also would like to have a facebook uploader beacuse I have a very important page there ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Milano-Italy/Vittore-Buzzi-Fotografo/146792108433 )

  • Mark Turner — 10:40 PM on June 22, 2010

    I purchased LR3 from Adobe, received the DVD, and installed on my Windows XP system. Unfortunately LR3 crashes consistently whenever I attempt to access any of the Library filters (Text, Attribute, etc) while viewing my entire catalog of 55,500+ photos. I’ve reoptimized the catalog, reinstalled, and trashed my preferences file. Phone tech support didn’t resolve the issue in 45 minutes. I sent a bug report, too. Since I’m not seeing widespread reports of my problem I’m at a loss to resolve it. … I was looking forward to the improved Develop module but as it is LR3 is unusable.
    [Sorry about the hassle, Mark, and thanks for the info. Let me see what I can find out. –J.]

  • Ian B — 9:02 AM on June 24, 2010

    I’m having exactly the same problem as Mark Turner on a Windows XP desktop machine (AMD dual core CPU with 4GB RAM).

  • Phillip Dupree — 6:48 PM on September 19, 2010

    Downloaded 3.2 trial and it crashes every time I try to export. Running a quad core 32bit 4gb system.I love the software but if it won’t export I’m not buying it plain and simple.

  • Servizi fotografici — 5:47 AM on February 22, 2011

    Good informations. Lightroom 3 is a fantastic software, I love it.

  • Christian Cleva — 4:24 PM on November 07, 2011

    I purchased latest version 2 month ago, I love this software!!!

  • Nigel Saw — 6:44 PM on June 09, 2012

    when will we be able to tab down through our picture folders on the lhs of screen. its a pain when you have to use the mouse. ?

  • Fotografo Matrimoni — 1:33 AM on March 14, 2013

    I purchased lightroom 3 some days ago and i can say this is wonderful! my work now can be quiet!

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