July 01, 2010

Demo: Pressure-sensitive sketching on iPad

The folks at Ten One Design have prototyped a pressure-sensitive stylus for use with iPads:

It’s encouraging to see this progress, but according to the developers’ notes, it sounds like Apple may disallow the inclusion of the needed library. Let’s hope the bottlenecks get removed sooner rather than later. [Via]

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Zapfino: Kid-tested, designer-approved

Heh–my friend Matthew’s 3-year-old son Cooper is learning Illustrator (!), and here he reveals his taste in fonts:

[Update: Some WordPress voodoo is afoot, auto-destroying my object/embed code. Here’s a link to the video.]

I’m with the little guy: we typeset our wedding programs in the big Z.

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Filter Forge 2.0 arrives

The new version of Filter Forge, a visual (node-based) tool for creating your own filter effects, has been released for Mac and Windows.  According to the developers, new features include:

  • Support for non-seamless filters
  • Unrestricted transform components (Move, Scale, Rotate, etc.)
  • Full support for HDR colors (they may even have negative RGB values)
  • Instant filter search (searches your collection of downloaded filters)
  • ‘Bomber’ component for spraying particles (very fast, very versatile)
  • Lua scripting (Lua is a fast scripting language also used by Lightroom)
  • Photorealistic lighting (shadows via Ambient Occlusion, point/area lights etc.)

Neat stuff.


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