July 05, 2010

Video: The Art of Analog Computing

Heh–good fun with (actual) cut-n’-paste from the folks at Melt Media. (Let’s hear it for flying toasters!)

Photoshop gets its 15 seconds of fame around the 1:40 mark. (For a really deep trip in that vein, see Russell Brown’s Photoshop Space Odyssey.) [Via Marc Pawliger]

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Your bugs, you will show me them, please

I’m glad to hear that people seem pretty happy with the Photoshop CS5 update, but there’s always room to improve. If and when you encounter bugs in Photoshop or other Adobe apps, however, please report them via the online bug form.

Also, in case you’re wondering whether anyone actually looks at crash reports that come in, the answer is emphatically yes. It’s really helpful if you take a second to jot down your email address. That way, if we need more info about what you’re experiencing, we can drop you a line. (I know, this should never be necessary, and I know it’s an extra inconvenience, but we’re grateful for any data you can provide to help make the apps better.)

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