July 16, 2010

Airlines vs. iPads

The exact times I want to read magazines on a tablet are the exact times I can’t.

What are the odds we can get the publishing industry to throw some blows at the airline industry (or FAA), finally nixing the prohibition on using electronic devices during taxi, takeoff, and ascent/descent?  I’m typing this on a plane where I’ve got a couple of paper magazines* stashed, ready for landing–this despite also carrying an iPad.  I bought the mags for reading when my laptop is verboten.  Wasting paper sucks, but at least this way I can, y’know, actually read the content during my downtime.

For bonus points, SFO’s anachronistic for-pay WiFi needs to die screaming. Paying eight bucks to access the net to then pay for tablet mags was a non-starter.

*A retronym in the vein of “acoustic guitars.”

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Video: HDR relighting technology

Here’s some very cool imaging tech, though it’ll be interesting to see how many people will take the time to create multiple exposures, each with different controlled lighting:

If this is up your alley, check out a paper and video on the subject that some Adobe researchers put together a couple of years back.

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