July 22, 2010

Adobe vets release ColorBlast for iPhone

My old teammates Ralf & Steve, the guys who brought you Vanishing Point in Photoshop (and before that LiveMotion), have released their first iPhone application, ColorBlast.  It’s a tool for selectively painting color onto images:

The core feature of ColorBlast is the ability to separate and color one object in an otherwise black and white photo. To make this possible, and even fun, ColorBlast employs selective color technology which allows you to start brushing on a specified color and then paint only that color.

Here’s the app in action:

You can find ColorBlast on the App Store, and you can follow its developments via its Facebook fan page.

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Creating contact sheets & Web galleries in CS5

Question (via comments just now): “How can you get a contact sheet using Photoshop CS5? Isn’t there an automated way to get this?”

Answer: Yes. Check out the Output Module in Bridge.

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(rt) Photography: Great & terrible images, Holgas & spacemen

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