July 07, 2010

May I bring you a coffee?

The After Effects team has long done “ship trips,” wherein they hang around a design shop, production facility, etc., watching over customers’ shoulders while generally trying to make themselves unobtrusive/useful (e.g. bringing bagels, etc.).  Seeing someone doing real work is different than just talking about what they might like or need.

A number of my colleagues are enjoying some well-deserved R&R this month, so things are a bit quiet at the ranch, and I’m kind of itching to re-connect with the real world of design and production.  If you’re a designer in the Bay Area who wouldn’t mind having some spiky-haired, slightly over-solicitous guy hang around your workspace a bit, please let me know so that we can try to sync schedules.

Posted by John Nack at 8:21 AM on July 07, 2010


  • Michael — 8:59 AM on July 07, 2010

    What a cool idea…how better can a software company get to know the needs/wants of their users?!

    Next time you’re in the St. Louis area you’re invited to hang out with us in the studio and our creative group! A bit of a jaunt from the Bay area, though!!

  • A. Dias — 9:21 AM on July 07, 2010

    Great idea! Direct customer feedback is key.

  • Thomas — 4:15 PM on July 07, 2010


    I really, really like your sense of humor!!

    (no itching man)


  • Steph Boudreau — 7:22 PM on July 07, 2010

    I wish you were closer to Ottawa (Canada)

  • Herman — 4:48 AM on July 08, 2010

    I wish you were closer to the Netherlands (Europe) :)

  • Alex Myrhorodsky — 5:19 AM on July 08, 2010

    I have a air mattress and food, but no flight money to our small place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You are very welcome, with the kids and Ms Nack.

  • Jennifer Apple — 9:01 AM on July 08, 2010

    If you were looking over my shoulder I would ask, is there a way to make that URL link box in Dreamweaver bigger? I keep having to scroll to make sure the address is right. Probably is a way, right?

  • George Penston — 11:09 AM on July 11, 2010

    John, you’re more than happy to come by our place and see what we’re doing in terms of site and mobile development and how we are doing UX designs today. But I’ll warn you, we barely use Photoshop and hardly use Fireworks. It’s mainly TextMate and CSSEdit.

  • Roger Howard — 7:50 AM on July 12, 2010

    You had me at “coffee”.

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