July 05, 2010

Your bugs, you will show me them, please

I’m glad to hear that people seem pretty happy with the Photoshop CS5 update, but there’s always room to improve. If and when you encounter bugs in Photoshop or other Adobe apps, however, please report them via the online bug form.

Also, in case you’re wondering whether anyone actually looks at crash reports that come in, the answer is emphatically yes. It’s really helpful if you take a second to jot down your email address. That way, if we need more info about what you’re experiencing, we can drop you a line. (I know, this should never be necessary, and I know it’s an extra inconvenience, but we’re grateful for any data you can provide to help make the apps better.)

Posted by John Nack at 6:42 AM on July 05, 2010


  • Rufus — 7:41 AM on July 05, 2010

    Having worked at Adobe for a while, I can say that the feature requests and bug submissions get carefully reviewed by the product teams. I know that for a fact. And I don’t think I am breaking any non-disclosure agreement by writing this. ;-)

    • John Waller — 11:30 AM on July 05, 2010

      Good to hear but it makes me wonder why well documented and officially submitted bugs in Dreamweaver CS4 were ignored by Adobe during the CS4 cycle.

      • Rufus — 1:49 AM on July 06, 2010

        John, you are right. What I was saying is that the submissions all enter the system, and get read by the product teams. If the project team then decides to address the issue or not is an entirely different story. There are many, many factors that can influence such decisions.
        I think Lutz Albrecht’s (Mylenium) take on the matter is a pretty good take on what happens. My 2cents

  • Enrique — 7:43 AM on July 05, 2010

    But no one looks at CS4 and CS3 crash reports anymore right? Nor will the bugs in these versions ever be crushed.

    I have always found bizarre that the older versions which must still have large user bases (I guess), will never see a bug fix. Sometimes, upgrading to CS5 is not an option.

    • Mylenium — 8:35 AM on July 05, 2010

      Well, do you have a support contract? would you be willing to pay the extra $$$ just so Adobe can maintain and fix older versions along with their current ones? You are forgetting, that as a company Adobe needs to weigh these things and if nobody is willing to pay extra for maintenance, then it’s simply not a feasible business proposition. You know, you would need extra people to handle it all and pay those as well, maintain a separate development branch, maqnage code repositories, quality testing, distribution and all that… I see no issue here. It’s common practice and everybody from Autodesk to SAP to Microsoft does it – if you need support for “legacy” products, you pay extra, otherwise you have to live with the fact that only the latest versions get “free” updates.

      • Enrique — 10:36 AM on July 05, 2010

        Mylenium, if your car had a serious bug, would you just buy the new model to get a “free” bug fix? I use CS4 and CS5 in parallel because I have to. My CS4 apps keep crashing at quit and Adobe will never fix it. InDesign CS4 has terrible bugs that won’t be fixed either. There are even bugs that are around since CS3 and have not been fixed, proof that an upgrade is not the miracle solution.

        The common practice is that we users are perpetual beta testers of unfinished products. Buy a Swiss watch to understand what a finished product looks like. And yes, some have software in them too.

        Sorry for the rant John.

        • Mylenium — 10:11 PM on July 05, 2010

          Na, sorry, that’s a pointless argumentation. Cars have “bugs”, TV sets have “bugs”, even coffee machines have “bugs”, many of which never get fixed. I mean, it’s not that Toyota would have “fixed” that “bug” with the speed pedal, if someone hadn’t forced them to do it, is it? It’s no different with software – you fix critical stuff first, the rest is optional (if ever).

          Sure, the infamous “crash on exit” in many Adobe programs may be annoying, but does it prevent you from getting your work done while the program is active? And I also think for sure that most software programs these days offer flexible enough tools that if one thing doesn’t work, you can always find workarounds.

          I also would remind you, that as per the license agreement, the software is “provided as is” and that by clicking the respective button, you all accepted that, including potential bugs, so there is no reason at all to fall back to that “pay once, fix it for the next 10 years” metaphor. That’s simply not how it works. Just like there are only so many designers and engineers available to design and test a new car, only so many people can develop a software. It’s a world of finite resources, human and technical.

          That aside, it’s even more pointless to complain about “there are even bugs from CS3” here and on forums. Honestly, it’s simply unproductive and it has been my observation that exactly that kind of people never file these bugs in the right place or provide clear scenarios so they can be reproduced internally. You know, it’s like certain people on the Illustrator forums saying that AI has been in Beta since v9 and then never really telling you what they would like fixed. I mean, it’s easy to say “this doesn’t work” just because it may not work in the way some users expect it, but nonethelesss the feature may work perfectly “as designed”… That’s sometimes all there is to it.

          And one last thing: There are infinite combinations of different hardware and software out there and nobody can test them all. Sure, it’s extremely lame of the PS team that nobody tested CS5 on an old AMD processor (I’m sure they have some old machine still in one corner and should have/ could have), but you can’t exactly blame them for many other things. Even a company that makes 4 billion a year can’t buy every camera, scanner, printer etc. just to do compatibility testing. And yes, some people never read the system requirements, so it is to be expected that some things will never work on unqualified hardware, too.

          Well, whatever. This is a complex topic and I could go on about this for hours. Let me just say one last time that possibly none of what you claim is true in any way. Nobody intentionally does not fix bugs, it’s a resource problem and like it or not, a company needs to move on.

          • Chris Cox — 10:19 AM on July 06, 2010

            > it’s extremely lame of the PS team that nobody tested CS5
            > on an old AMD processor (I’m sure they have some old
            > machine still in one corner and should have/ could have)

            We had one old AMD machine still running in our lab, and the motherboard burned up part way through CS5 development. The rest of the machines had died long ago. Now we’re trying to make sure we have better coverage on ancient processors – just in case someone fails to understand our development guidelines again.

      • John Waller — 11:34 AM on July 05, 2010

        That’s a spurious argument considering Adobe did not issue patches for well documented bugs in DW CS4 (which I am still using) during the CS4 cycle.

      • Thomas — 12:06 PM on July 06, 2010

        Dear Lutz,

        i really like to read your blog entries and most of the aricles but for the topic now i must assume you talking complete BS.

        I have red your complaints about Illustrator.
        There is a contradiction now beyond that what you were complaining about and what you are talking now.

        I dont belive that at differen Adobe departments their decisions whether they will fix bugs or don’t are a completed task of ingnoring the user base.

        Photoshop is Adobes mainspring and was always greener than their “other” products and sure that they put more effort into it’s development.

        Business decisions is the other pain.

        Personally my biggest disappointment after Ae CS4 is now After Effects CS5.

        If we talk about feature requests, i don’t see any sense in writing any after i realized that since i have read nearly all feature request (from at least 7 years now)that have been collected in the After Effects Forum NO big deals have been made than adding new third party tools making After Effects at least attractive to morons who started pretty early with Ae and have no clue what has NOT happened overall and under the hood.

        Let alone the longest lasting feature request for CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 at all: 3D text
        Instead we got nothing else than to be forced (by clever Adobe Business)to buy Photoshop having then the ability to use “Repussy” to import crap aliased 3D Photoshop layers… WTF?

        Personally i do not like the product manager and i do not care how hard his job is. My job is hard too and i work fo my money VERY hard to spend it probably on some f***edup releases and of course plus new hardware

        The After Effects team – respectively the product manager – do not give a shit about our feature requests.

        If there is a bug – FIX IT dammit.

        We’re not talking about twelve dollar software.

        I do not trust anybody in this business. Doesn’t matter who is it in this world.
        They smile at you while plunging a knife into your back

  • Pierre Labbe — 8:15 AM on July 05, 2010

    Where can I ask a question about a problem with Configurator 2.0 (and Photoshop French version)?
    Is it the same place?
    Thx for your answer.

    [You can check out the Configurator user-to-user forum, or you can just ask/tell me. –J.]

  • Sean Baker — 8:21 AM on July 05, 2010

    Submitted one for you this morning :).

    Thanks John!

    [Thank you, Sean. –J.]

  • Mem's — 12:38 PM on July 05, 2010

    There is a collection identified here: http://adobegripes.tumblr.com/
    Mainly UI bugs or incoherences.

  • Tor Løvskogen Bollingmo — 1:48 PM on July 05, 2010

    Yeah, the product teams should be well informed about the bugs and glitches with the Adobe Gripes and DearAdobe pages. Do they/you read them, John?

    [Yep, we do. Here’s a bit more detail. –J.]

  • David — 2:11 PM on July 05, 2010

    There are a few bugs I’ve seen that have persisted across all versions of Photoshop since I started using it (6.0). I’ve reported a couple of them, but I have seen no progress on them. Some kind of public bug tracking system would be nice… I don’t want to waste my time or yours reporting bugs that are already known, unless I can add some more details. Of course, this would mean that Adobe would have to publicly list bugs before they are fixed.

  • Coşkun OLCA — 11:44 PM on July 05, 2010

    Flash Access
    Flash Authoring
    Flash Builder
    Flash Catalyst
    Flash Lite Player
    Flash Media Live Encoder
    Flash Media Server
    Flash Player
    Flash Remoting

    I can’t find Flash Professional in the Product Name list.
    Which one of above I can use for Flash Professional CS4/CS5.

    My problem is;

    If too many fonts installed on your computer.
    Some fonts are not appearing in Flash Font List.


    Flash Professional CS5
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4
    Font App: Apple Font Book 2.2.1
    Fonts Installed on: User/Library/Fonts

    I installed Adobe Font Folio 11
    Approximately there was 2500 fonts in User/Library/Fonts

    When some fonts that I installed later than Adobe Font Folio; didn’t appear in Flash Font List, I remove all of the fonts from direction and install a few fonts necessary for my project, and fonts appear on Flash Font List:))

    Before remove fonts; I tried re-install, disabled/enabled some fonts, restart Flash, restart computer:))

    Also these fonts always appear on Adobe Photoshop font list:))

  • henrik — 7:17 AM on July 06, 2010

    Like second poster Mr. Waller i’m weary to submit bugs because very olden bugs get even carried on from version to version.

    Like, the German version, it always switches to English keyboard layout after a while, so for any naming or keyboard commands you have to remember the English keyboard layout which is somewhat different (among several others, X and Y change places, which affects Ctrl+Z). After restarting Photoshop, the German keyboard layout is acceptable – for a while.

    That bug has been around on _many_ Photoshops and machines and Windows versions with generous RAM assigned. We’ll grow old together and i won’t submit it. And why, now by trial-and-error i know most of the English keyboard layout.

    • Mike — 9:03 AM on July 06, 2010

      Henrik: that’s actually probably a problem with Windows: there is a default global shortcut on “Left Alt” + “Shift” that switches between keyboard languages.

      You can change it by right-clicking onto your language bar (lower right task bar) and choosing settings.

      Then click on “Key Settings” and there on “Change Key Sequence” (all on Windows XP – might be a bit different on Win7) and disable both shortcuts. The second one (switch keyboard layouts) is for changing keyboard layout within the same language as far as I know (f.e. on Chinese layouts)

      In my opinion the other way round it’s far worse: If you are working with the English version on a German keyboard you won’t be able to use shortcuts like Ctrl + ] as ] is accessed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + 9 (or AltGr + 9 wich more or less is the same). Unfortunately, you can’t change all shortcuts in all Adobe Programs afaik.

      • henrik — 2:15 AM on July 07, 2010

        Mike, thanks for that! I will print and try it next time. Right now i am not fully sure if it helps, because no other problem ever switches to English keyboard layout, only PS. But anyway i will see what i can do with your instructions next time PS happens to demand English keys.

  • Tom Van Vleck — 12:08 PM on July 06, 2010

    The old bug I don’t know how to submit occurs when my wife uses Photoshop and Illustrator intensively for a couple of hours, and then OSX freezes solid.

    This isn’t a new problem.. I had hoped that CS3 would fix it, or Tiger, or Leopard. There’s no dump to submit, no direct correlation with any particular action. I am going to move her up to CS5 and the latest Suitcase but I no longer promise her that everything will be all better if we just make one more change.

  • Sandi McEachron — 3:35 PM on July 06, 2010

    Tom, I have the same problem switching back and forth from CS4 PhotoShop and Illustrator and I have Win XP with mega RAM and plenty of Gigs. They seem to fight each other like to kids.

  • Chris Cox — 4:19 PM on July 06, 2010

    Applications cannot cause the OS or machine to freeze. Only bugs in the OS itself or defects in the hardware can cause that.
    And there are no other reports of such an ongoing problem.

    My best guesses would be bad RAM or hard disk.
    And you might want to ask about your problem on the user forums – where other users can help you isolate the problem with your system.

    • Tom Van Vleck — 11:27 AM on July 09, 2010

      I should have mentioned that this problem has been observed on the multiple Macs we have owned over the years. I have done a little OSX kernel development and observed applications hanging the machine; I’m glad it has never happened to you.
      I don’t know a way to set up a serial console on a current Mac laptop, so this is hard to debug.

  • Alex Myrhorodsky — 10:48 AM on July 07, 2010

    John, It is rare that I just plain applaud someone or thing, but after working with CS5, I have to tell you- this achievement in software tools is absolutely incredible. I will use this tool to create my legacy. see you in vegas.

  • Jeff Bernstein — 11:34 AM on July 07, 2010

    Will the slow performance of Photoshop when you first open a large file be fixed soon? When you close it and open it a second time, it is fast.

    • Mike — 3:12 PM on July 21, 2010

      Jeff,are you using PSD format? This is a performance hog and you will increase read / write performance 10x but using TIFFs instead. Don’t know why Adobe continues to default to PSD for Photoshop files. I am sure lots of users are unaware of this issue.

  • Alex Myrhorodsky — 3:49 PM on July 07, 2010

    Jeff, and some others should know the truth. To really use the higher versions of PS it really is necessary to have 8 gigs of ram and an Intel , at least a quad core, system. You don’t HAVE to have it, sure, but to make it work sweet you should. I am or that is, was a AMD man. Intel does PS better. Not all the time and varies with other factors but as a general rule it is the way to go. It is expensive

    • Jeff Bernstein — 4:37 PM on July 07, 2010

      Alex, it should be noted that all of our systems are not only Intel, but they are configured with 16GBs of RAM. The problem manifests itself on all flavors of Intel Mac Pros 1,1 to 4,1. We even have an XSAN and a RAID0 Scratch. I couldn’t trick out the box more if I tried, except possibly more RAM. The truth is that there still is a performance bug.

      • Alex Myrhorodsky — 5:25 PM on July 07, 2010

        just noticed Jeff, you have MACs, PCs’ probably are the better in this case :)

  • Alex Myrhorodsky — 5:22 PM on July 07, 2010

    Jeff, wow, I have not had that problem. My largest tiff file to date was a 950 meg. I have not had any larger ones so far.

  • Paul Sydney — 9:10 PM on July 07, 2010

    Just to chip in, Illustrator user here!

    Everyone in my industry HATES Illustrator simple because it NEVER gets fixed. it still crashes, it still leaks memory, it’s still slow. It has basic bugs that never get fixed. We are all feed up with shelling out cash for updates to fix bugs. and CS5 is just as bad.

    Heres a memory issue in CS2

    And CS3

    Then CS4

    And CS5

  • Jon — 7:16 AM on July 08, 2010

    Since CS4 (I just installed PS and AI CS5), the paintbrush circle/cursor only shows half of the circle at larger brush sizes. And at really large brush sizes (or when I zoom in close to the canvas), the brush circle isn’t even visible. I found a fix for this at my old workplace, but can’t remember how to fix it. Why is this even an issue?

  • Chris Cox — 7:47 AM on July 08, 2010

    Jon – that’s an old bug in NVidia video card drivers, they fixed it over a year ago, so you probably just need to update your video card drivers.

  • Jon — 10:20 AM on July 08, 2010

    Thanks Chris. Got that problem solved. Next thing — there isn’t a way to drag a layer from one tabbed file, to another tab within PS CS5, is there? :(

    [Just initiate the drag operation from the canvas, not from the Layers panel. –J.]

  • Aaron — 8:21 PM on July 08, 2010

    In the past versions you would be able to drop a java script in the Adobe/Presets/Scripts folder and the next time you launched photoshop the script would then be listed under File > Scripts. It now seems that in CS5 that is not the case in both the windows and mac version although the help states otherwise. Any ideas?

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