August 03, 2010

An Adobe Ideas Flickr pool

Check out some cool illustrations made with Adobe’s first iPad app.

Through comments I know that people are eager for info about possible updates to Ideas.  I don’t have anything to share at the moment, but I’m keeping in touch with that team.  In the meantime, the continuing feedback is very encouraging.

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Thought o’ the day on features & polish

“People pay for features because it’s easier to justify the expense. People adore polish because it makes the product feel good, and that adoration will carry you farther in the long run than features.”
— Key Photoshop/Lightroom engineer Mark Hamburg

I was drawn to Photoshop–first to use it, and much later to help develop it–because of the high level of fit & finish I saw in the application. I’ve worked on Photoshop not because I think it’s perfect, but because I’m hung up on the imperfections. (Why work on something that’s already perfect?) At root I’m a frustrated, middling Web designer who just wanted the damn software to be better.

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Video: Between Bears

With just a few gradients & glows, Eran Hilleli brings amazing atmosphere to a highly geometrical world; fullscreen viewing is a must:

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