August 04, 2010

Please welcome…

As part of our family Egg:Basket Concentration Regimen 2010, I’m delighted to say that my wife Margot Liggett Nack has accepted a program management job at Adobe.  (Maybe the talk about Adobe being the second-best tech company to work for* finally wore her down.) She’ll be joining the digital video group in a few weeks to build… The Future (more details later).

As my friend Adolfo notes, “Now Adobe has 50% market penetration among Nacks (or Liggett-Nacks).” Two down, two to go.  In any case, welcome, hon!

*Curse your free food, Google!

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Quick tip: Turning off the color sampling ring in CS5

Photoshop CS5 introduced a color sampling ring (see screenshot) that shows one’s previous foreground color as well as the one being clicked. If for whatever reason you don’t like the ring, you can select the eyedropper tool, then uncheck the “Show Sampling Ring” on the Options Bar.

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Reminder: Learn DSLR video workflows tomorrow in SF

Tomorrow at Adobe’s San Francisco office, Adobe evangelist Jason Levine will be showing the “Fundamentals of Working With DSLR Video;” please see the sign-up page and the notes below for more info.  If you can’t wait or can’t attend, you might want to check out “Getting Started with Premiere Pro CS5,” a recorded demo/Q&A session with filmmaker Dave Basulto.

For Jason’s session:

Learn the fundamentals of working with DSLR footage natively inside Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. From basic import, creating sequences, adding effects and transitions, all the way through export. We’ll also cover questions regarding transcoding footage and using DSLR video with green screen.

Prior to Adobe, Jason was a full-time recording and mastering engineer, working in studios coast-to-coast, engineering hundreds of recordings from Classical to Country, Rock to Reggae. In 2008 alone, Jason presented to over 75,000 people from San Francisco to Singapore, Amsterdam to Auckland, and everywhere in between.



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