August 10, 2010

Flash video gets more efficient on Macs

I’m pleased to see that today’s update to Flash Player 10.1 (get it here) brings hardware-accelerated playback of H.264-encoded video to the Mac. Similar support has been available on Windows for some time, but it wasn’t until a recent OS update (10.6.3) that Apple enabled plug-in access to the necessary APIs. The Flash Player & Safari teams worked closely together to get things humming.

Long story short: If you’re running Snow Leopard on a supported Mac, you should get video playback with much lower CPU usage. If you’d like details see Flash Player engineer Tinic Uro’s post from April.

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Barbie vs. the 7D

Silly, but kind of fun. (Man, as a kid I’d have gone bananas for/with an affordable video camera.) [Via Stephen Shankland]

Creator Brandon Bloch notes, “This is also a spoof of another video that compared the Canon 7D and iPhone 4: ‘iPhone 4 as good as the 7D? No, but it’s amazing for what it is.'”

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