August 14, 2010

Photoshop Express comes to iPad

What do you do after more than 10 million people download your iPhone app? Bring it to the iPad, of course!

Photoshop Express–formerly called Mobile–has been updated for both iPhone and iPad.  In addition to stability & performance improvements, iPad-specific features include:

  • Support for portrait and landscape orientations
  • Redesigned Online, Edit, and Upload workflows
  • Ability to work on multiple photos in sequence from within a single workflow
  • Redesigned Organizer view with simplified album sharing
  • Updated icons and visuals that make it easier to navigate and use the Editor
  • Ability to upload to and Facebook simultaneously


The update went live yesterday, but it contained a couple of bugs for which it got justifiably dinged.  The bugs are now fixed; sorry that they got past the team initially. (Thanks, Apple, for pushing out the update quickly.)

Plenty of cool additional enhancements are in the works, and your feedback is more than welcome.

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Adobe Drive 2 now available on Labs

This one’s admittedly esoteric, but potentially interesting.

Adobe Drive lets Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign work more easily with asset management systems.  A preview version of Drive 2.0 for CS5 is ready for download from Adobe Labs, enabling you to:

  • Open and save files directly from the CMS/DAM server
  • Enter check-in or version comments
  • View multiple versions of managed files
  • Browse/search the CMS/DAM server for assets based on metadata


The interesting part is that Drive connects with third-party systems that support the CMIS standard.  I don’t have more details at the moment, but I’d like to see working with Photoshop and Subversion et al. made simpler.

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(rt) Illustration: Outstanding movie posters

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