October 04, 2010

Paddy enables hardware UI control of Lightroom

No, not an Irish dude, but rather this open-source project: “Paddy radically improves the workflow in Lightroom 3.0 by allowing you assign any adjustment setting – including moving the sliders and applying a preset – to essentially any key, your number keypad, external keypads, and MIDI controller knobs and sliders.”

Interesting stuff. Let us know if you give it a whirl and have feedback. [Via Adolfo Rozenfeld]

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The New Yorker comes to iPads through InDesign

Adobe & Condé Nast have worked together to launch The New Yorker tablet edition. Here’s Jason Schwartzman’s intro:

I found this bit about the publishing technology’s evolution interesting:

The New Yorker […] demanded not only design fidelity, but flexibility due to its weekly, text-heavy nature. To solve this design and production challenge, The New Yorker used HTML pages as part of its tablet edition. HTML provided flexibility for The New Yorker to rapidly flow text into the magazine application and meet the requirements of a frequent publishing cycle. In the future, the Digital Magazine Solution will provide the option of using either HTML pages for flexible publishing or rasterized images for publishers that demand pixel-perfect layouts.

My translation: Yes, the team is well aware of file size concerns, and they’re using various technologies (e.g. HTML) to give publishers choices. I expect we’ll be hearing more details soon.

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