November 17, 2010

A new BrowserLab team blog

Cross-browser testing tends to suck, and the Adobe BrowserLab team is working to make it better.  If you’re interested in hearing their thoughts and providing feedback, please check out the BrowserLab Team Blog.

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A cool, free Photoshop book comes to iPad

Photographer Dan Marcolina has used InDesign’s new tablet-publishing tools to create the very cool The World Without Photoshop, “A unique interactive iPad book featuring a dozen Photoshop Masters.”

See for yourself what some of the best digital artists’ work looks like without the software. Then with the touch of your finger The World Without Photoshop is transformed and you can see and hear the imaginations of these artists come to life in their work. Pinch and zoom into over 48 works by artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers and get their insights into how twenty years of Photoshop innovation have changed their world.


Bonus content includes an interactive timeline of 20 years of Photoshop features, Russell Preston Brown’s Photoshop ODDyssey presentation, more.

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All Nik plug-ins go 64-bit

Nik Software has updated their complete collection for 64-bit/CS5 compatibility.  Way to go, guys! [Via]

Mac folks, is there anything keeping you running CS5 in 32-bit mode? I ask because the more legacy code we can lop off, the more we can focus on building for the future.

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