November 21, 2010

Video: A mesmerizing, fluid-filled dress

When you say, “600 ft. of knitted tubing powered by a pump located in the backpack,” I say, “Christmas for Margot!” Well, perhaps not, but Charlie Bucket is onto something pretty rad. (Instead of resorting to the opposing cliches of either silver body suits or post-apocalyptic ripped sweaters, why don’t movies depict more visually active clothing in the future?)

More info is on what gets my name for URL o’ the year, [Via]

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(rt) Typography: Font detection, crazy bikes, & more

  • Yes, there is a sort of “Shazam for fonts” (letting you snap pics to ID typefaces): WhatTheFont for iPhone.
  • Write a Bike“: Crazy typographical cycles. [Via Mira Albert-Bullis]
  • Ian Curtis is spinning in his grave: “Joy Division Divorce Attorneys.”
  • “If you touch…” Oh my. A topical, TSA-themed cross-stitch.
  • When this is someday done in HTML5, it’ll be considered the best, most revolutionary thing ever. [Update: I probably should have added a jokey wink emoticon to convey my tone on this one. So, “;-)!” I’ll shortly post a very long list of big, significant things Adobe is doing to support the advancement of HTML5, so no one need stress.]
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