November 04, 2010

Get crisp Web/screen text in Photoshop, FW

“Improved text rendering” was near the top of readers’ wish lists a few weeks back when I requested feedback on potential Web & drawing features for Photoshop, and it’s something the team is investigating.  In the meantime, these links may be of interest:

Let me agree in advance that one shouldn’t need tips & that these things should Just Work™.

Posted by John Nack at 6:27 AM on November 04, 2010


  • Jon — 2:50 PM on November 04, 2010

    How about making vector shapes automatically snap to the edge of a pixel when drawn? Right now, an edge of a drawn vector square can be in the middle of a single pixel, causing the edge to not be as hard (making it slightly transparent on the pixel(s) near that edge).

    [Absolutely. –J.]

  • Greg — 11:35 AM on November 12, 2010

    OK, that tutorial from Ksenia is impressive. But, lets be serious here, THAT is what is required to get nice, clear, small text in a web graphic? From an app that costs $699. and is supposed to be THE premier raster graphics creation tool for web and print export. I have been using PS since ver 4 and I am simply dumbfounded that this is STILL the state of affairs with ver12. Boggles the mind, just boggles the mind. I get dramatically better results with Acorn which costs what – $50? Acorn just uses the OS font smoothing which is not always the very best choice, but it is better than PS almost every time. Its crazy.

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