December 11, 2010

Problems found in the Photoshop 12.0.2 update

The Photoshop team has discovered a couple of issues that affect Windows users who installed the 12.0.2 update for CS5 that was released on December 6th, 2010.

  • Tooltips no longer display on Windows XP.
  • Photoshop reports that a .dll file is missing on start up or when accessing TWAIN/scanner device on Windows operating systems.

We’re aware of the issues and are working to address the issues in the very near future.  I’m sorry these got past us, and we appreciate your patience.

Posted by John Nack at 3:55 PM on December 11, 2010


  • Lars — 4:22 PM on December 11, 2010

    •Photoshop reports that a .dll file is missing on start up or when accessing TWAIN/scanner device on Windows operating systems.

    when does this happen exactly?
    it sounds as it can happens all the time.. or only when a twain scanner is used?

  • Lars — 4:24 PM on December 11, 2010

    and what dll is missing?

    that info can be usefull…

    • Jeffrey Tranberry — 11:16 AM on December 13, 2010

      It’s usually TWAIN scanner .dll that’s outside c:Windows\System32. It’s not actually missing, it’s just not loaded due to some security changes.

  • Donald Allen — 5:59 PM on December 11, 2010

    I can’t install the Photoshop 12.0.2 update, nor the latest Illustrator update. I just get a “installation failed” error. Seems to be a pretty common problem on the Adobe forums.

    • Christian Westphalen — 5:52 AM on December 12, 2010

      Hi Allen, i’ve had the same problem, but the reason was, that i had moved Photoshop to my SSD, after a reinstall i could update succesfully.

  • Bob Weinberger — 7:58 PM on December 11, 2010

    For me, there were four dll’s which were reported as missing: Strato3.dll, StdFilters2.dll, CML4.dll and NSSLang4.dll. Removing the Twain_42.88A plugin eliminated the errors but disabled Twain scanning. The DLL’s are all part of Nikon’s scanning software. I found them in the Nikon folders and copied them into the Windows/system32 folder to solve the problem.

    Tool tips have been dicey for me under XP since at least CS4. They work initially and then go away. This has been reported numerous times in the support forums by others. They are indeed gone completely with the latest update.

    • Jeffrey Tranberry — 11:18 AM on December 13, 2010

      That’s correct. Moving the third party plug-ins/drivers to inside Windows\System32 is a workaround for the issue.

  • andy mccormick — 9:44 PM on December 11, 2010

    and that’s why I usually wait a month or so to install updates. I know Adobe will work out the kinks though

  • Shangara — 1:14 AM on December 12, 2010

    Just because people are having problems, doesn’t mean it’s a “common” problem because people who don’t have problems rarely post.

  • peer — 3:17 AM on December 12, 2010

    adobe should hire some tester…
    such obvious bugs ar going unoticed?

    other companys have hundreds of different PC and software combinations they test stuff on.

  • Larry Berman — 5:22 AM on December 12, 2010

    On XP on a dual monitor system, I now get tool tips across the entire second monitor when hovering on a tool in the vertical tool bar on the left side of the second monitor. Contact me if you want a screen capture.

    Larry Berman

  • Mark — 5:53 PM on December 12, 2010

    To be fair, this seems to be something of an industry issue. I have Vista home premium 64 and so few programs install/update correctly that when one does it’s really happy time. FWIW, the only software I’ve installed lately where everything worked perfectly was TI-Nspire stuff from Texas Instruments. Everything else is tribulation time.

    • peer — 5:47 AM on December 13, 2010

      then i guess it´s a problem with you or your system.

  • Lyle — 7:16 PM on December 12, 2010

    I was glad to have watermarking back in LR 3.3

  • Steve — 8:03 PM on December 12, 2010

    Here’s a weird problem with the Wacom Intuos4. When I have a layer selected that causes the on-image adjustment tool to become visible in the Adjustments panel (such as a Hue/Saturation layer, for instance), the canvas rotation mode of the touch ring on the tablet no longer works. Instead of rotating the canvas, it will select the on-image adjustment tool instead.

    If I pick a different layer so there is no on-image adjustment tool in the Adjustments panel, the problem goes away. If I hide the Adjustments panel, or even if it is grouped with a different panel and I just select that panel causing the Adjustments panel to go into the background, rotate canvas on the touch ring works fine.

    Very strange bug!

  • melgross — 11:07 PM on December 12, 2010

    I don’t have this issue, i’m on a Mac, but I do have another. Whenever I open Bridge, it tells me I need to have another Adobe program installed, and turns off. Of course, I’ve got CS5 installed, and CS4. This happened before the updates. I had hoped 12.02 would stop it, but it hasn’t.

  • KC — 8:49 AM on December 13, 2010

    #1 — I’m glad I have a Mac.

    #2 — I had the upgrade problem with Adobe Illustrator, but accidentally found out (when downloading another Adobe update) that the Illustrator issue I was having was due to the HTML5 pack I had installed. Uninstalled it by replacing the original files, installed the update, the reinstalled the HTML5 pack. — Would have been super smart of Adobe to clue people in on the issue (as part of the upgrade error, on the link to download the update, part of the press release of the update).

  • jcool — 8:36 AM on December 14, 2010

    Some of you guys at Adobe should probably get a Windows machine. I hear they’re pretty popular. ;-)

  • Nat Brown — 4:49 PM on December 14, 2010

    Thanks for the heads up. Saves time at this end.

  • Lionel DesRoche — 2:38 PM on December 15, 2010

    Since the upgrade, I get a pop up at start up saying “Owl Orphanage: Photoshop.exe – Unable to Locate Component, This application has failed to start because DRAGNKL1.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem” If I click “OK” Photoshop opens and works fine. No problems or pop ups when scanning.

  • gh — 6:54 PM on December 15, 2010

    I am having an issue (Mac 10.6.5 -PS 12.0.2 + 64 bit boot-64 bit PS)

    Painting in overlay mode on a mask that is a smart object layer does not work. Not sure if this is 12.0.2 related or just a bug or something else. Works fine if it is not a smart object layer.

    • Jerry Harris — 4:50 PM on December 16, 2010

      gh, Our QE’s will corner this case, and file a bug. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Noel Carboni — 5:27 PM on December 16, 2010

    One (not too intrusive) workaround identified over on the Adobe forums to the “missing scanner DLL” problem is to add the folder containing the missing DLL(s) to the PC’s PATH variable.


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