January 03, 2011

Come see Russell Brown talk iPad portfolios, HDR Jan. 11

If you’ll be around San Jose next Tuesday, the evening of Jan. 11, come see Russell Brown present a double session to the Photoshop User Group at Adobe HQ:

Using your iPad, iPhone or Galaxy Tab as a Photography Portfolio

In the first part of the evening Dr. Brown will spotlight an incredible collection of useful tips and techniques for publishing your photo portfolio to your favorite portable devices. Learn some techniques for exporting images from Adobe Photoshop CS5 as an album without having to navigate through iPhoto.

Also discover the wonders of PDF export from Adobe Bridge CS5 and learn to publish your own portfolio books that you can share with others.


Creating Natural Toned HDR Images, and the Wonders of Camera RAW & Smart Objects

OK, we have all seen the classic over saturated, and super sharpened HDR techniques, but now it’s time to move to the next level of HDR imaging.

In this presentation, Dr. Brown will discuss some of his favorite new techniques for a more gentle and realistic looking HDR toning. This process may have you revisiting some of your earlier HDR shots and processing them again. All these techniques will be done using HDR Pro in Photoshop CS5.

Also covered in this part of the evening will be Dr. Brown’s  Photoshop techniques for working with Camera Raw images in combination with Smart Objects.

Learn the true art of Photoshop creativity with these nondestructive techniques.

As always we’ll offer free pizza and drinks starting at 6:30, with the session commencing at 7. Please RSVP online if you plan to attend.


Posted by John Nack at 7:22 AM on January 03, 2011


  • Fuad Kamal — 7:57 AM on January 03, 2011

    Any chance of this being recorded or broadcast online?

  • Gareth Jones — 8:32 AM on January 03, 2011

    I second that. The photography protflio thing sounds really interesting – but it’s a long way from England to San Jose!

  • Richard Broom — 12:06 PM on January 03, 2011

    Must join the British contingent and say would love to come to San Jose but a bit tied up. A recording of the great man in action would be really to watch.


  • MarkElliot — 1:24 PM on January 03, 2011

    Here Here! Any chance it can be recorded as a Connect meeting? Please! Don’t tease us out of towners.. :-)

  • Phil Brown — 2:09 PM on January 03, 2011

    Same request from down here, please, John (or Russell or whoever is reading :-)

  • Smuze — 5:39 PM on January 03, 2011

    Yey – lucky for me I’m not far from there on those dates…

  • K Brown — 8:23 PM on January 03, 2011

    What they said…

  • Marco — 6:49 AM on January 04, 2011

    Free pizza and drinks? I’ll book a flight from the Netherlands rightaway ;-)
    Unless a video of the presentation will be put online…

  • lorin duckman — 7:49 AM on January 04, 2011

    Now tell me if you please, what does be around mean? So those of us who pay for the applications, but don’t live in the fashionable part of the world where you adobites inhabit cannot share the knowledge. As a consumer, user, and shareholder, I protest.

    [Honestly, this must the first time San Jose has *ever* been dubbed “fashionable.” –J.]

  • Eric Doggett — 5:41 PM on January 12, 2011

    It must be those curiously-strong yellow street lamps. Those are quite fashionable!

    [I think they’re a concession to the nearby Lick Observatory. –J.]

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